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How to see what Vista MCE vs MP is doing on DVD, problems with ATI

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I found a problem that I go over in my initial post here:

To sum it up I am having DVD image quality problems when playing back DVD movies in Vista MCE. The picture gets a pixelated look to it especially on chroma rich areas. When I play back the same DVD in WMP or PowerDVD I do not have this problem.

I tried on a different setup that uses a Nvidia card and the problem is not there.

I tried on the same machine that I found the problem using MCE 2005 that the problem is not present.

My system uses a x1950Pro video card, right now CAT 7.7 drivers (was on 7.8 till I seen the problem and decided to try older drivers). Running Vista MCE with default MS decoders. I have tried to set PowerDVD 7 as the decoder in MCE but the problem still remains.

What is Windows Media Player and PowerDVD doing differently than MCE? Why do I only see the problem in MCE? I tried to take a picture of the problem but when I do the image comes up black which to me indicates that MCE is running in overlay mode, but WMP I can get the screen grab which means that WMP must be using a EVR, or VMR mode...and the problem isn't there.

I have tried messing with interlacing settings, color settings, AA and Aniso settings but nothing will solve the problem in MCE and I'm about ready to pull my hair out lol.

Surely there has to be someone out there that has seen what I am spekaing of or experienced it themselves. A problem like this would surely bea hot topic on these forums lol, but then again if I am indeed the only one experienceing them then surely there is a fix... I just don't know where or what it is.

Anyone out there that might be able to help? I don't want to have to start losing my hair at the young age of 30

so how can I see what exactly the difference is in the way that DVD is being handled between WMP and MCE in Vista?

Any help at this point is much appreciated!
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Vista MCE/WMP/PDVD all use EVR, so that's not the issue.

Your problem sounds vaguely like the ATI colorvibrance bug - I'm away from my PC so can't detail it, but search the forums for why this is a problem. You need to set both the minimum and default colorvibrance registry settings to zero, or it won't fully turn off (even when you disable it in CCC).
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trying to find the right stuff now I seen this in that thread:

Edit: updated. Probably worth getting the Vista hotfix mentioned further down in thread too. As of today (10/july), the only remaining problem in Vista is forced tv>pc colour expansion with videos that are >719 vertical lines. Anything lower is fine.

These are for Vista problems, but some work for XP also. The difference is that in XP they're dwords, and go into the root (0000) directory rather than umd/dxva. For either OS, if you uninstall the driver it deletes all these keys, and the reinstall will set them back to default.

1) For the 2400 only, mpeg2 HD hardware acceleration doesn't work, and neither does European 25/50fps 1080i50. Set these strings to zero:

HKR, "UMD\\DXVA",DXVA_NOHDDECODE (add if it isn't there)
HKR, "UMD\\DXVA",DXVA_Only24FPS1080H264

The SORTOVERRIDE ones mentioned elsewhere are probably worth keeping - ATI have them in the 2400 installation but not the 2600, so there must be a performance reason. It's not a problem either, since mpeg2 acceleration works with them there as long as NOHDDECODE is at zero. However, it's possible 60fps 720p material might be unaccelerated as a result of the fpscap one, haven't checked.

2) Horrible forced denoising and sharpening, seemingly for XP/Vista and pretty much all Radeons. Add these keys to umd/dxva:

TrDenoise 0
DXVA_DetailEnhance 0

(note: not sure detailenhance makes any difference as of the latest hotfix drivers, there seems to be another key handling it).

3) WMV acceleration broken. Search for DXVA_WMV_NA, change to 0. Now a new option to allow acceleraiton appears under the control centre's video settings (maybe needs a reboot).

I assume that is what I am supposed to be looking for? I have applied all windows updates as of this morning making sure nothing else got broken in the process. I still seen the problem but don't know if the hotfix discussed is in the windows updates.

Also, where inthe registry are those settings? I can't seem to find them when I do a search.

I should also note that HW accel seems to be working, CPU use is low
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think I found part of it

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Vide o\\{504B9F79-00DD-4C88-9BE8-9AC417D78EA2}\\0000\\UMD\\DXVA]

So change Color Vibrance to 0 from 30?
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Boing back up top

I tried the hacked drivers you had an didnt see a difference. Going to try to play around with registry settings next.

I did notice the problem on Live TV last night, noticed it on fleshtones
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Originally Posted by nintari View Post

So change Color Vibrance to 0 from 30?

No, 30 in reg-binary is zero. If it was 35 37, real value would be 57.
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Hrmm... so any other ideas? I thought about getting close up with my digital camera and taking some pics to see if it shows.... left it at the GFs house though :O lol
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