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DIY 4:3 Screen  

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Hi all,

I have been following along some of the discussions on making a 16:9 DIY screen. It seems that the material of choice is the black out material... it also seems that this material has a width limitation of 54". This isn't going to work for building of my 4:3 screen.

What other materials are people using to build a 4:3 screen.

Forgive me if this has been asked before, I tried to do a search for 4:3 but the search engine wouldn't allow it.

My projector is the infamous LT150 and I want the screen width to be 96".

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There is a Rockland thread here is selling 108" blackout. If they have any left, that is an option. Bedrooms Bath and beyond also sells a single panel blackout liner for patio doors that is maybe 84". Other threads have been using things like drywall, Canvas, and wallboard.
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