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Wiring Fundamentals: Connections, Fittings and Cabling

Learn the basics of wiring and cabling to make the connection.

Audio and video systems consist of many different components.

There are video displays and video sources. There are audio devices, including amps, preamps, tuners, receivers, compact disc players and more.

You get the picture.

All of these devicesfrom inexpensive to top of the linehave connections that need to be made for the system to work. No matter how quickly the industry moves, we'll still need connections to make the components talk to each other.

There are a number of connections in a system. First, most consumer audio equipment works with an unbalanced type of signal and connection. Professional equipment, including audio mixers, amps, processors and the like, use balanced signals and connectors. The difference between the two is that a pro signal consists of a positive signal, a negative signal and a ground.

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