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I had a long description typed up and my browser crashed. :\\

the short version:

I decided against going with the clouds, I might even do away with the rope lighting. Since this is all self contruction, it's not 100% perfect, and I am afraid and uplighting will just highlight the imperfections.

Once it's complete I'll give the rope lighting a mockup and see how it looks.

I was away most of the weekend, but I did manage to get some work done tonight. I clipped all the strands down to about .5", which was a huge pain in the shoulder . I then painted the sides of the ceiling and did a few test runs on the ceiling itself. It looks like with a proper brush, it won't be too difficult, just time consuming.

Here's a few pics. The first one is after the strands were clipped. you can still see some full strands because of the camera lens being open for so long, but for the most part it's a much closer representation of how it really looks. The 2nd photo is the paint testing, the paint is a midnight sky color from BEHR

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No pictures until tomorrow morning, but I got the first two full coats of paint on this morning. It's looking great.

I think I am going back with the moulding idea. I also think I am going to do some clouds. The plan is to make them kinda textured. Not super textured, just enough to blend some of the imperfections. Then I an do the moulding w/ dimmable rope lighting.

I ended up buying a cheap electric paint gun from home depot this afternoon. I wish I had it this morning I had been using a super rough serface roller, which had 1" of material on it, but I was afraid of breaking the strands. Out of 496 stars, I only broke 1 of them, thankfully it was one of the 'filler' stars.

It's looking really awesome so far. I trimmed the painted ends off of a few of the stars to get a better idea what it will look like, and loved it.

The plan for tomorrow is to get the rest of the paint up there, maybe paint some clouds, but I am going to get the moulding up and painted.
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The star ceiling is finished!!! (well, for now).

After much deliberation, and a few failed attempts, I'm scrapping the ropelight/moulding tray. My test runs were not very successful, there really isn't enough room for the light to spread out, and it really does highlight every single imperfection up there.

So, after putting on another coat of paint, I trimmed all of the strands flush with the ceiling, and lit it up. It looks amazing.

We had some people over today to break it in, they were very impressed.

Pictures below:

This is the ceiling, with the strands, lit by the camera flash, the paint is really much darker.

Same view without the camera flash, but room lights on:

Here is a good picture of the ceiling, your looking at it from the "bottom" of the ceiling, towards the top, so all the constellations are upside down. You can see Orion's belt in there. There is one strand representing Mars that I colored in Red, but you really can't see it in this photograph.

Same shot, just with the lens open a little longer, the stars look like they are really twinkling

Here is a bad photo, but shows the room's colors pretty well.

Same photo, lit by the flash, star ceiling on:

Room lights on, no flash, ceiling on:

Last one, this is a close up of Orion's belt, with Mars:
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Nice job!

Can you tell me more about this light source of yours. I only scrolled through your thread quickly. Do you have a link with some details about it?

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Hey chinadog,

Sorry for the late reply, I've been away for awhile.

I'm using kit designed by StarCeiling Designer, he's a member on this forum. His website is here:


There is a lengthy thread in the Theater Room and Accessories area, but I'll link it here:


It's basically a 3 LED system with a housing to hold all the fiber strands. Off the back of the LED Enclosure is a custom made circuit board with 2 network jacks for connecting them all up.

It's really pretty awesome, and works fantastic.
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Just adding two more images:

I got these at Ikea for $9 each:

The Prestige on BluRay:

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