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DirecTV Plus question  

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I've been thinking about getting one of the newer DirecTV multi-satellite dishes for picking up HD. I realize I need to replace my current dish with the 24" elliptical dual feeder horn model, and will need a different receiver. My question is whether my other three receivers will still work with this new dish? I know they wouldn't be able to get any of the 'extended' programming, but will they still get the good old 101 degrees WL stuff? Any special requirements of these 'plus' dishes if using a multiswitch?

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I have the oldest model STB from RCA and a newer Hughes model and finally an RCA DTC100 and all work flawlessly with the elliptical dish. The extended programming will display an error message if you try to access from the older STB's ( unavailable or some such message ) and will work fine with the DTC100.
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