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Mp3, Wma, Ogg, Etc>>>>>>

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Going to get into some portable audio in the near future (Creative Zen?). Won't be Apple. What format should I use? I am looking for the best quality of sound, but it must be very simple to use. I am going to reproduce about 400 CDs that I own and put them on to the portable device.

What software should I use? What rate (64, 128, 256)? I assume that all of my classical will not transfer well enough to actually be enjoyed (is this true?).

As you can see I am a complete neophyte .. please lend your expertise!
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For "best quality" sound you will want a lossless music format. This is probably more important for your intended listening (classical). Check this out for a good comparison:

To get lossless on a portable player, you should look for one that plays either WAV, FLAC, or Monkey's Audio (that link mentions poor hardware support for this one, i think). Not mentioned in the article, but "lossless WMA" (microsoft) may also work. The other format i know of is apple's AAIC or something, but since you don't want an iPod thats out.

Take note of the file size for the formats in the above link. 500-800MB per CD will chew through a flash-based drive really quickly, so you might consider a hard drive based player. If you don't mind purchasing and swapping separate memory cards, some players have both a flash drive and also an expansion slot for up to 2GB cards. I think the SanDisk e260/e270/e280 series were the ones that had this.

you'll also need some good quality headphones, probably full ear enclosures for "best quality". however, if you'll be listening in a distracting environment, you may not notice all this attention paid to quality and maybe Mp3 encoding is an acceptable compromise (for much higher capacity).
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More about lossless please.

I have all my media in WMA lossless and my Buffalo Linktheater won't play them. I ordered but have not received a Helios X-5000 and it plays lossless but I just learned it will play Flac but not WMA. I like using Windows Media player and it won't record to Flac.

If I decide to move my music to Flac from WMA how do I do it and what's the best way?

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sorry i haven't done any converting. a google search turned up this:

or VUPlayer, DBPowerAmp, Winamp...
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