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Any updates on the upcoming Acculine models? I'm looking for a new pair of bookshelf speakers for a living room setup.
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We're on track for all-new models at each product station: 5" satellite, double 5" MTM LCR speaker, and dual 5" floorstander for the early Fall timeframe. We'll have something new and special about them to announce at that point as well.

I won't point to a firm date just yet but assuming our plans hold, early Fall should be a reliable estimate.
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Will you also release a high end version? Something like with seas magnesium woofer, and high quality caps.
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Originally Posted by Cya|\\| View Post

Will you also release a high end version? Something like with seas magnesium woofer, and high quality caps.

You're in luck. In fact the biggest upgrades in the new models by far are 1) extra care going into all three model's crossovers to have them conform to the rare "r" version's sound from the past models, and 2) upgraded midwoofers, although they'll not be metal coned anymore. Much more on this will come out as soon as we're able to speak freely about it.

Overall the new range will be substantially improved in the two areas you mention.

As to even higher end models, the electro-acoustical technologies in the next range of three models are about as refined as we can make them for the class and given price points so about all we can do is make larger models and more complex models and/or move away from the economy finishes that Acculine owners have preferred.

Either are something we'd be happy to consider and put on the shelves quickly if we find we should. We have simply superb veneer and finish capacity and we can design models to any size (and cost) level the users would like.
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That's great. Thought you're leaving the metal cones, i hope you'll still choose very "fast" woofers.
More veneering options would be fantastic! Something like birds eye maple would be really beautiful.
Anyway, about the last thing you said, do you mean that you're going to produce a sort of customized speakers? For example, a small sealed bookshelf pair for desktop.
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Originally Posted by Cya|\\| View Post

That's great. Thought you're leaving the metal cones, i hope you'll still choose very "fast" woofers.

We are, meaning "fast" in the sense of measurably lower distortion and a more extended unfiltered response, plus a more linear stopband owing to superior cone technology. Code for: simply better all around and by no small margin. Plus a third feature that really sets them apart which we'll get into later.


More veneering options would be fantastic! Something like birds eye maple would be really beautiful.

We can do that, although for a fairly hefty price increase...


Anyway, about the last thing you said, do you mean that you're going to produce a sort of customized speakers? For example, a small sealed bookshelf pair for desktop.

We certainly could expand the line, although so far it's made its mark in the basics and not in the high output, upsized classes you get with something like our biggest Divas.
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Thanks for the update Jon; looking forward to the announcement.
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Yeah, indeed most metal cones have a problem in their higher frequencies.
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I kind of feel that the brand is fine where its at and it doesn't make much sense to diversify too much and go towards the 'high end'. If you want a high end Acculine with a fancy finish, why not just get Bohlender Graebener speakers? Regular Cherry/Maple/Rosenut finishes are probably better suited imo. I think Acculine is in a good position in the fact that its a value minded speaker offering a premium tweeter without breaking the bank. Also, not to bash on the name branding, but doesn't the name "Acculine" also seem underwhelming on a super high end speaker?

I agree that a sealed version of the center or new 'A1' equivalent would be nice. Often times, people have to place them close to walls for cosmetic reasons, or put a center channel inside a furniture enclosure. A sealed version or maybe even front ported would be a nice alternative like you said CyaN.

Either way I'm pretty hyped up and can't wait to see what new upgrades awaits
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Any news? ^^
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Great timing and thanks for the ping, Cya|\\|; we just signed off on the three new models this week, with two more plus a new 10" sub likely to leave design this month.

I don't have a firm ETA on arrival, but before the Holidays is looking likely for the first three; possibly all six before year's end.
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Very cool. I suspect the official announcement will be sometime very soon. I noticed you guys were having a sale on Swan speakers, and mentioned that the new Acculine models will be announced once its over.

Just in time for the holidays~
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My Speakers:

C: A2
Sub: Acculine Sub

Thinking about getting the Denon 1610 to drive these? It's rate 75W/ch 8-ohm. would this be enough?
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according to the latest post on TAI, it looks like new Acculine lineup got pushed to Dec/Jan timeframe? doh
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Where is that? I can't find it.
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I've seen the small update on theaudioinsider site, and it's written that the bass will be as radical as the tweeter.
Can you tell us more info?
Will we see a full update with the new speakers soon?
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Hi Cya|\\|, and thanks for the interest.

In response to changing markets and an improving base of technology, Acculine has gone through a fairly radical evolution, at least for a no-frills range. We've renamed the line "Arx" (pronounced: Arcs) to reflect that the changes in store are significant enough to actually, we think, transform the brand.

The new line retains the planar tweeter and the spartan styling of the original A1, A2, and A3, but the bass systems are much more advanced than the originals. I felt that this choice, while more costly for us, was necessary to fully compliment the tweeter's scope of performance and really advance an entire line - we've spent 2009 completing three new models and initiating ten more prototypes (including four subs) slated for likely release at varying times in 2010.

As these things go, this project took far longer than originally expected, but as with our new Dana direction, we felt we needed to capture a key technology in order to raise both brand's respective bars, which came at additional costs in timeline. Production is now commencing on the new A1 5.25" satellite, the A2 dual 5.25" MTM, and A3 dual 5.25" tower, and a very limited number of samples are going to be entering the private review chain shortly among friends and associates.

We're also preparing online resources at TAI to explain the new upgraded approach and the technology that makes its enhanced bass and lower distortion possible. It's "a whole new" landscape for the category and all of us are having a lot of fun with it.
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Well that seems very promising. I look forward to it ^^.
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just noticed this new Arx section/page on TAI

Sounds like its getting close
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It's really close now, I can't wait! I was going for the HiVi 6.1 or Dana 630, but was informed that the new Arx will be worth the wait as well as sound better then the others, especially bass output! I'm getting my credit card out right now!
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Info about the new Arx line is now up here. And in his forum post, Jon Lane mentions 2 new models.
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Default Arx is Live
Arx product data is now online and the first three of ten planned models launch mid May. Let me take a minute to lay out plans as they currently stand, subject to change, etc., etc.

Arx A1 - Bass reflex satellite/monitor. Single 5.25" XBL2 woofer and single 3" planar tweeter. Black simulated ash PVC with black knit grille. Stocks mid May. $249/pr.

Arx A2 - Bass reflex LCR/Center speaker with rotating tweeter for either vertical or horizontal use. Dual 5.25" XBL2 woofers and single 3" planar tweeter. Black simulated ash PVC with black knit grille. Stocks mid May. $189/ea.

Arx A3 - Bass reflex floorstanding tower. Dual 5.25" XBL2 woofers and single 3" planar tweeter. Black simulated ash PVC with black knit grille. Stocks mid May. $499/pr.

Arx A4 - Large format, horizontal, sealed LCR/center speaker. Dual 6.5" XBL2 woofers, single 5.25" midrange, and single 3" planar tweeter. Black simulated ash PVC with black knit grille. Stocks Summer 2010, price TBD.

Arx A5 - Bass reflex floorstanding tower the same size as the A3. Triple 5.25" XBL2 woofers, single 5.25" midrange, and single 3" planar tweeter. Black simulated ash PVC with black knit grille. Stocks mid May, price TBD.

WOW , pricing is insane. Jon managed to keep the same price as the original Acculines, even with the addition of the new XBL driver that completely outclasses the original aluminum cones...

Big thumbs up. As a fan of the original Acculines, definitely very excited. Can't wait till May!
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Those A1s look nice.
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Does anybody know who did the design work for these speakers?

I'm wondering whether the A4 might make a nice center channel for my LS6, which use a line of B&G planar tweeters and a line of 6.5" XBL2 woofers.
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Also, I was under the impression that the Acculine speakers used the B&G Neo3. Is that correct? And is that what is used in the Arx speakers?
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Check out the Arx thread again. Jon added another model and rearranged the model names A4-A6. Plus he added info about new finishes, and info about the A4-A6 models. Also, Don Lindich did a little write up about the new line on his blog.
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The Arx website at TAI has finally been updated with all information and pictures!

Definitely going to be an exciting month, cant wait to try these out soon
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They're Here!!!

Here are my impressions of my newly arrived Arx A2! I will be using 2xA2s in Stereo in a Nearfield Computer setup. More on this later.

Packaging and Unpacking

The Arx A2 comes Single-boxed, yet is extremely well packed. The speaker comes wrapped in a plastic bag and is protected by huge foam square inserts. These foam squares fit right over the bottom and top of the speaker. There is nearly no wiggle room in the shipping box. A port plug comes in a plastic bag. My two Arx A2s did not come with any instruction manuals, warranty cards, or accessory 'rubber feet' found in most bookshelf speaker packages. An online instruction manual can be found on the Arx A2 product website.

Cabinet Shots

Like the prior Acculine models, the Arx are a 'no-frills' speaker design that comes in a Simulated Black Ash PVC wrapped cabinet. Yep, its a boring black box, but looks aren't entirely everything. I was immediately surprised at the size of the cabinet.... probably one of the largest 5.25" MTM cabinets I have ever seen. It packs a hefty weight, nearly 25 lbs! When I wrapped my knuckles on the cabinet, it seemed pretty solid enough. It wasn't a completely dead thud, nor a hollow wooden sound. The surface of the cabinet is much smoother compared to the original Acculines even though the texture seems to be very similar. Turning to the rear of the cabinet, the overly large bass-reflex port caught my attention. Compared to the original Acculine model, the port is at least 2x larger in diameter. Binding posts seem to be fairly decent quality

Grill, XBL2 Drivers and Planar Tweeter

Here are the most exciting features of the Arx A2. Typically this kind of technology is found in speakers costing many times higher. The A2 uses a planar-magnetic tweeter and dual XBL2 'SplitGap' Woofers. If you want to read up on the technology behind the Arx, check out theArx A2 Product Page. The grill also uses metal inserts to hold onto the cabinet. A nice touch, better than those cheap flimsy plastic pegs that break all too often.

Rotating the Tweeter

The Arx A2 Tweeter needs to be rotated vertically depending on the orientation. By default, the Arx A2 is set for a Horizontal setup, (center channel). For my purposes, my A2s are going to be standing vertically for 2CH sound. Modifying the Tweeter literally takes 1 minute. Using a regular Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the outermost corners. The square plate comes out. Rotate 90 degrees and put the screws back in. Removing the tweeter also revealed that the cabinet is has a fair amount of acoustic filling inside and what looks to be some internal bracing.
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Subjective Listening Tests

Background Info

I am by no means an audiophile. These are all subjective listening tests. I have no means of measuring frequency response. I am pretty much a computer guy with a hobby for Audio . My first set of compute decent computer speakers were Logitech Z-5500s. Afterwards, I moved onto budget bookshelf speakers from JBL, Athena, Energy. Despite being budget bookshelves, they were a huge improvement over any computer multimedia speaker. Since then, I have been steadily upgrading my setup. My last few speakers have been KEF IQ3s, Tannoy Reveals, and Acculine A2s.

I have no affiliation with TAI. I really enjoyed the original Acculine's so naturally I have to give the new Arx a good listen. Just wanted to share my opinion on these since new buyers and previous Acculine owners may find them helpful!

My Setup

This is where I differ from a lot of people here. I am using a Computer based setup. My speakers are placed on my desk, on each side of my LCD display. Speakers are toed in slightly to form a triangle shape between myself and the speakers. The distance from my listening position to the Speaker is less than 4 feet. This is a nearfield listening setup. The speakers are close to the wall, which is why I will be using the included Port Plugs. The port plugs give a shallow bass rolloff and is recommended for boundary setups, but of course YMMV.

Sound Card : HT Omega Claro (Coax Out) > External Matrix Mini 192KHz DAC > Virtue Audio ONE.2 Integrated Tripath Amp > Speakers + Energy S10.3 Subwoofer Crossover: 80Hz

My Virtue ONE.2 is powered by a 130W Power Adapter. It should supply around 55wpc at 4 ohms. It should not be underpowered for a Nearfield setup. I am listening < 4 feet away and don't need to fill a large room, so I am not going to be blasting my Arx A2s.

Acculine A2 & Arx A2 Side-by-side

Harshness Tests - Glee Soundtrack
Alright, I admit I am a Gleek, but in all seriousness this album can make bright speakers sound painful, fatiguing, and downright harsh. That can be said with a lot of mainstream Pop albums that are 'hot' by default

Acculine A2: What attracted me to this speaker 3 years ago was the brilliant detailed treble due to the BGC Neo3 Planar Tweeter. When listening to the first track of Glee, 'Don't Stop Believing', the Acculine A2s really brought out Lea Michele's voice. While there was tremendous presence, I found it to be simply way too bright after a few listens. I had to adjust the toe in angle of the Acculine A2s. I had to shift the speaker about 30-35 degrees off-axis for it to be tolerable in my Nearfield listening position.

Arx A2: Since the Arx does not use the Bohlender Graebner Neo3, I really didn't know what kind of voicing to expect. After listening to the tracks 'Don't Stop Believing', 'Taking Chances', 'Defying Gravity' of the Glee soundtrack, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does the new Planar tweeter retain that detail I loved about the Neo3, but it does so without the 'in-your-face-ear-bleeding'. High notes didn't come across as overly harsh and I didn't notice excess sibilance like I did while listening to the Acculine A2s on-axis. The Arx A2 is definitely detailed like the Neo3, but I found it acceptable on-axis. For long listening sessions, I decided to move the Arx A2 slightly off axis about 5-10 degrees to cut down slightly on some treble. To characterize the Arx A2, it seems to be fairly neutral sounding with attention to detail and a forward presentation. These are not laid-back sounding speakers.

Female Vocals - Sarah McLachlan
Mostly listened to her album Fumbling Towards Ecstacy. I like this album a lot because it has a nice mix of acoustic instruments and soothing female vocals.

Acculine A2 - Excellent detail and makes her voice stand out. I really have to emphasize how well these Planar tweeters bring out female voices. I experienced no harshness or edginess when listening to this album, probably because Sarah is not really that high pitched compared to the previous tracks on the Glee soundtrack with Lea Michele. I suspect that the Neo3 is comfortable listening to as long as the vocal range is not too high or falls below Soprano

Arx A2 - Voice's were just as enjoyable, but Acoustic Instruments were a noted improvement through the Arx A2. Acoustic Instruments, plucks and bass were more full-bodied and more enjoyable to listen to. The SplitGap drivers seem to address the lack of bass of the original Acculine A1/A2. The improvement in bass is apparent without listening to bass heavy music.

Various Metal Tracks and Video Games

Acculine A2 - Probably my biggest complaint with the Acculine A2 is that it does not do a good job at all handling the impact and speed of doublekick drums. There is some bass, but it sounds dull and flat. When firing automatic weapons in video games like Battlefield Bad Company II, I felt like my sub was doing most the work.

Arx A2 - Definite improvement in bass response! Drums have more "slam" to them and doublekick drums are distinctly more pronounced. Explosions and gunshots in games give a nice midbass kick. Without the port plugs, it seemed slightly exaggerated, but I suspect that has more to do with placement very close to the wall on my desk. Even with the port plugs inserted, the bass/midbass is still an improvement over the original Acculines.

Soundstage / Imaging - Tracks from Chesky Ultimate Demo Disk

Acculine A2: Soundstage and Instrument seperation are quite good on the original Acculines. The BGC Neo3 is fairly directional, so you do have to sit in a sweet spot to fully appreciate them. Unfortunately, there is also a possibility that the sound is too bright when listening on-axis in a nearfield listening environment, like I noted on the Glee tracks. Adjusting them off axis alleviates the brightness, but also loses some soundstage.

Arx A2: I was extremely impressed on how transparent these speakers sound. I was able to really appreciate tracks like Spanish Harlem, and was surprised how much depth a pair of these A2s offer. The Arx A2 seemed to offer an improved soundstage over the Acculines, especially since I was able to remain in the sweetspot without having to toe-out the speakers to prevent harsh notes. I felt that Jazz tracks were much improved due to the better bass response of the SplitGap woofers. The Arx handled the transitions between the quiet and loud passages without a problem


Based on my initial listening impressions (less than 8 hours), I can safely say that the Arx A2 is a vast improvement over the Original Acculine A2 (non-r version). The Arx A2 addresses my major criticisms of the Acculines, such as weak bass, and the unforgiving nature of the Neo3 tweeter on bright tracks such as mainstream pop music. If you were impressed by the original Acculines, you'll be thrilled to hear the improvement of the Arx line.

The Planar tweeter and SplitGap woofers work exceptionally well together. If you enjoy listening to Female vocalists and have never had the opportunity to listen to a Planar Tweeter, you owe it to yourself to give the Arx a try. They are probably the most affordable assembled speaker with this level of technology crammed into it. The addition of the port plugs is a great simple addition that makes it easier to cross the Arx A2 with a sub, or if it needs to be placed close to a wall. Not everyone has the ability to place their speakers out on stands and at least 3 feet away from the walls. I've only listened to these for about 8 hours, but I suspect that the woofers will only get better after break in.

All this technology does come at a cost though. To deliver the Arx at its price point, the cabinet and finish comes in your typical black ash cabinet. There are no color options currently...so those who might want a fancier Rosewood, Maple, or glossy type finish are out of luck. The cabinet itself seems sturdy, but I can't comment on any internal bracing ( or lack of ) since I have not torn apart the cabinet yet. The cabinet also lacks dual binding posts for bi-amping, which might be a factor for some people. Overall, if looks are equally important than sound quality, the Arx probably will not make your short list. I would have liked a few knicknacks to be included in packaging....like Instruction Manual, Rubber standoff feet, Warranty Information, but really I am just nitpicking now. These are really small nuances.

I think that Jon Lane and the folks at TAI have a definite winner on their hands. A big kudos to you at releasing this speaker at this price point. The Arx are a definite win for the value-oriented audio enthusiasts.

Thanks for reading!
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Miwo, thanks for the subjective impressions! I also have been using the Acculine a2s for the past 2.5 years. However, I am using them as 3 LCRs in a home theater setup. My plan is to get some Arx to replace them. Likely some floorstanders for LR and an A2 for the center. Then I will move the Acculines the the rear and surround for a nice, balanced 6.1 channel setup. Based upon your listening tests, it should rock! Although, I am so happy with the current acculine's, that I think I will upgrade my current sub before I upgrade my acculines. Maybe in 2-3 months......
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