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Screenshot War!!!!!!!! - Page 127

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A few more...

1080P into CRT

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You have taken things to a whole new level. I have never seen your screenshots look so lifelike. Great depth and color rendition. Not to mention the awesome foreground and background detail that's so clearly evident. That 9500LC must be visual bliss in person. Incredible simply incredible.
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Hi Mike;

You have posted some impressive screenshots in the past few months. For some reason your geometry has taken a giant step backwards recently.
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New Moome card in, some first shots

And a comparison from the old cards.
Old moome single HDMI card

New Moome card

I know its a lot of pics in one post but I wanted to show some dark scens,colorfull scenes and close up shots.

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More of these tomorrow after I do a few more adjustments to the PJ.

1080P > Moome FHD/V2 > lowly Marquee

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1080P into CRT

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Un-touched 1080P

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.... to start with an old movie........


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I had Craig Rounds here on last Sunday and he went into his bags of wonders and touched up on my color balance.

He would have done a much better job, but I told him the PJ is not yet ready for finals.

1080P into CRT / UNTOUCHED

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Yepp Craig does know his calibration tricks on Marquee's but the G90's his front projection CRT specialty, and you should see him work on the Mitsubishi rear projection CRT's!! man!!!!!

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I changed the lenses from 10L's back to GT17's

1080P into my lowly 9500LC - UNTOUCHED

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G90 817p72 HDDVD

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From looking at your latest round of pics mike P, I can see straite away that You have done an Amazing Job on those V2 Moome Cards Mike ..

The Sky/ Cloud shots tell the story for me, and also the images are heaps Sharper ...

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MP, I haven't looked in a while, but man your pics look awesome. The clouds, the leaves. stunning. way to go!

If I got mine looking that good I'd stop messing with it before I screwed something up, haha.
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Will it Blend?
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Thread Starter 
Damn Nash! Nice!
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Very nice!
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I flipped through a lot of these shots dismayed that the only movie I have ever watched over and over and over again in bits and pieces and own in at least 3l lDVD issues and 2 Bluray issues was no longer being used ffor screen shots. What a relief to find near the end, there she was--the FIFTH Element. Thanks MP.
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LMAO!!!! Mark you need a CRT again

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Originally Posted by nashou66 View Post

LMAO!!!! Mark you need a CRT again


No, he's right where he needs to be with a digital. CRT is too complex for Mark. Anything with more than three controls on it confuses him.

Keep pressing that one button..

Here's a few quick and fast ones that I did a few minutes ago with a lot of daylight in the room. I just cranked up the contrast and gave it digital brightness...

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More from the 5th Element...

Evaluating boards - not calibrated.


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How do you get rid of the progress bar for screenshots of Star Trek? Curser down works for UP (Good thing 'cause that sucker was huge!)

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Heres a couple with the Man behind the screenshot.

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Originally Posted by overclkr View Post

Damn Nash! Nice!

Hey Cliffy, where are your screen shots? I know you started the thread.....BUT, that was back in 2007. Where are your CURRENT screen shots?

How's everyone doing? Cliffy, MP, Terry (if he's still around), Curtie, etc.
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All the boys are alive and well. Parker likes his steaks well done. Me. I like my steak medium rare.
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