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XBOX 360 - No DVD sound when using HDMI

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In May 2007 I bought a XBOX 360 Elite because it had HDMI. I sold my previous XBOX 360, but kept the HD-DVD for use on the XBOX Elite. My receiver is a Yamaha RX-V2600 has 2 HDMI inputs. The RX-V2600 works without any problems with my Playstation 3 and DirecTV HR-20 when they are using HDMI

When using the supplied HDMI cable the XBOX works fine with games and CD audio. If I switch the receiver from XBOX to TV and then back I lose all sound on the XBOX and have to reboot to get the sound back. A minor inconvenience but something I could live with.

When I tried to play a DVD either in the XBOX's built in DVD player or the HD-DVD player with HDMI I would lose sound totally. When I returned to the XBOX dashboard there was not sound again until I rebooted the XBOX. The XBOX plays DVD sound with the Red and White analog plugs.

After an hour and 40 minutes with customer support Microsoft agreed to fix my unit. A three week turn around and the problem persists with a new unit. Another 50 minutes on the phone with Microsoft customer support (at least the guy was in North America this time) and the verdict "IT MUST BE YOUR RECEIVER, contact them.".

The Playstation 3 plays DVD and BluRay through the HDMI fine. The HR-20 works with the HDMI fine. The XBOX 360 Elite doesn't work with the HDMI. So according to Microsoft it must be the receiver's problem. This doesn't compute to me.

Any suggestions would be appreciated
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I'm thinking its something to do with the HDMI HDCP. Its almost like you should try different inputs and see if the sound comes back. I had a similar problem with only sound but no video and found switching my hdmi port on my tv worked because one was hdcp and one was not. Have you tried a different HDMI cable?
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As bad as it sounds, it likely is an equipment problem on your end. ...likely some kind of HDMI handshaking issue....do you ever get video problems?

The first thing I would suggest would be to change HDMI cables...that may be the quickest/easiest/cheapest fix.
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It is definitely the AV receiver. The problem is likely a flaw in the design that throws off the audio processor in your gear when HDMI input is switched due to the handshake and a difference in audio format. Try starting from the TV, testing to the Xbox, and then back to the TV to see if both work fine.
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I am having the identical problem directly through my TV.

I have a Phillips 42" 1080P ambilight.

Got an Elite today and it works fine. When I switch inputs to the DirectTV HDDVR I lose all sound. I have to turn the Elite back on to get it to work.

I have tried to find the settings with no avail.
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We are having the same problem..Did anyone figure it out?
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