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HELP! What is this n what does it do?

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Hi, I got this at a self storage sealed box auction. I contacted who I thought was the manufacturer via email acousticimg.com with pictures of it attached to try and get the manual for it in order to get it's specs and know what it could do and its value. They replied, It's not one of our products but that of another company that had the same name as theirs (Acoustic Image) and had gone out of buisness afew years ago. Thus... no manual or info on it other than its 560 watts as stated on its back panel and has a 10" downfiring woofer. If anyone out here can provide me with any info on exactly what it is, can do and an approximate USED value by using the description below and the PICTURES I HAVE ATTACHED I would appreciate it. I do know it works as I ran my CD through the 2 jacks labeled Audio L. R. using only 1 old Emerson speaker in a plastic case and the sound was still great. I've also ran my DVD thru the 2 jacks labeled DVD L. R. with no problems. Had to keep volume way down tho. Don't wanna blow that ol Emerson. lol
Hope someone knows something about this.

WEIGHT..30 lbs

DIMENSIONS.. 13"x13"x13" with four short legs which measure 1.5" ea.
COLOR and FINISH.. A flat black with a subtle wrinkle finish.
MATERIAL TYPE.. A very hard plastic. On the bottom there is a circular plastic grill which is 9.5" across. Behind the grill is a speaker(woofer ?) On the back next to the power cord is, AC120v--60Hz, 560w.
The upper left corner has the pos. and neg. left and right connections for 2 speakers and is labeled front speakers. To the right of that are 2 identical connections labeled, surround speakers. To the right of that is a connection for 1 speaker labeled, center speaker.
To the right of that is a jack plug labeled, remote sensor input.

The upper right corner has 2 rows of plugs, one row above the other. There are 4 plugs per row, 8 total. The top row of 4 plugs are color coded yellow and the bottom row of 4 plugs are coded red. The top row of yellow plugs is left and the bottom row of red plugs is right. Above the first yellow plug is "LD/DVD". Above the second plug is "VCR. Above the third is "TV" and above the fourth is "AUDIO". Above all of the upper right corner grouping of 8 plugs is "AUDIO IN".

In the middle on the back is a label which reads from top to bottom;
UL c UL listed 652G Audio Equipment, File No. E12237
Manufactured Under License From Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
Dolby, "Pro Logic" and the doubleD are trademarks of Dolby Licensing Corporation.

On the left and right side of this label are metal fins (for cooling I suppose). They run up and down to the label and are 5.5" in length. There are 10 fins on the left and 10 on the right. Each group of ten are 2" wide.

On the front in the middle is a plastic round cone that measures 4.5" across and concaves into the unit. below the cone is a plastic box that measures
4"x4". At the top on the face of the box in the middle of it is a single power button.
Below the power button to the right is "ACOUSTIC IMAGE".
Below the power button to the left is a red led light labeled "standby/mute"

Below these on the face of the box are 7 buttons and 14 red led lights with the following labels; VOL+, VOL-, 2CH, 3STEREO, PRO LOGIC, AUDIO, TV, VCR, LD/DVD, NORMAL, PHANTOM, WIDE, SOURCE, CENTER MODE, TEST TONE, RESET, L, C, R, S.

Across the bottom of the box, below the buttons and red led lights is the following from left to right;
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It was the main hub and sub of some HTIB (home theater in a box) system.
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I have the same system.With the speakers,although I'm missing the remote control.Excellent quality sound.Too bad it doesn't have an onboard control for back-up

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