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new to cable, is there any way to fix this?

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I decided to live in the dorms this year at college, and each room comes with basic cable service. I brought my 32" Vizio LCD (i know its cheap...but great for a college student) from home, and noticed that all the channels look pretty fuzzy/noisey/grainy in the dorms. I've never had cable at home, and it looked better with regular tv, so I don't know if theres a way to fix this. Could I get a signal booster, or does a cable box help clean up the signal? (I have no idea, these are just guesses-right now its just connected through the RF jack).

Thanks for the help
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That's pretty typical of a system that needs maintenance. Call and have them come check it out.
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That's also pretty typical of cheap flat panel displays on analog signals.
Try turning the sharpness control all the way down.
I just saw a set that had noise on an unused video input because of the sharpness setting.
Check/compare the performance on clean sources, like a DVD player.
Try subbing a VCR tuner on a video input (yellow composite connection) to bypass the tuner in the TV completely.
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i know my tv is cheap, what i'm trying to say is if i unplug the cable and hook up my tv to a little antenna, i get local stations that look good on my tv, but when i hook the tv up to the campus cable the quality goes down...so i doubt its the tuner in the tv. (i'm not looking for HD quality broadcasts, i just want cable to look normal) i figured its probably because the cable is probably being split so many ways, but if theres a way to fix it you guys would know.

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i'm no expert on this stuff but you should also check some other TVs in your dorm and see if they all look that bad. that may be just the way it is.

i do agree with turning the sharpness level down -- that usually helps.
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If your lcd is 720p/1080i/1080p in its native resolution (HDTV), then keep in mind that what you're probabley viewing is a standard definition channel. Standard definition channels on an HDTV will show alot of the flaws/grains/etc of standard definition. If you tune into an HD channel though, it's spectacular.

After you do a channel search on your tv and you find your dorm cable feed does not have any HD channels, purchase a tv antenna that can draw in the free over-the-air HD channels.

The big question is... why are you using your financial aid for electronics?
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