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led or fluorescent
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I picked up a 10-watt "Sunlight" 6500K twin flourescent bulb pack for $5.50 at Wally World. I grabbed a table lamp base that was not being used. Dropped the bulb in the lamp and set it behind my 60-inch Sharp TV (uses TV Stand, not wall mount).

My wife was skeptical, but now she seems to be into it. Its great now. No glare and no eye-strain. I guess an LED rope light would use less juice, but it probably would not produce a light as close to 6500K and probably not as strong either. This looks good for a $5.50 hack. If anyone want pics let me know.
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I'd like to see those pics if you have them.
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Originally Posted by Chopper Dave View Post

I'd like to see those pics if you have them.

Hi Chopper Dave,

Thanks for your interest in my cheap ($2.75 USD) 6500K ambient backlighting hack and for getting me to get off my rear and take some pictures of my Sharp LC60LE920UN that I promised some peers at a different topic.

Some notes: The TV is a little dirty on the front, sorry. The lighting needed to take decent photos is a little more than we usually use, and so the reflective surface of the screen is really showing off its abilities. At 10 watts it should only consume about 1 Kwh to operate this light per 100 hours (right?).

Here are the images:

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Kind of an old thread but I found this on E-bay?

anyone have any input?


Or $100 for 6 light bars.

I was going to pick up the Ikea Dioder that I found for 48 bucks but that doesn't come with the wireless remote which I think is actually kinda cool because you don't have to be right next to the tv....?

Any thoughts on the above kit before I purchase it? seems nice.




More searching and this seems like a better buy yet.

You get 6 strips at 1 foot each so you are getting a total of 6 feet? I am going to get this one unless other say its garabage or stay away..etc.

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I have the 4 strip LED kit and the 4 disk LED kit from barlighting for the tv and the tv cabinet...LOVE it.
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Try a couple of large salt lamps. They give off a nice glow and purify the air as well.

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Nigel. I picked up a set of LEDs from Eclipse Tv Lights. The install was super easy with a single linear setup, and double sided tape to stick to the back of the TV. I guess it comes in two different sizes depending on the size of your tv. Oh ya, remote control is sweet. I think it looks great.

The length is more than 6 feet because there are small connector cords between each of the LED strips. Good deal for the money, I'd say definitely go for it.
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I just bought a 50 In. Samsung Plasma, does ambient lighting behind the tv affect the tv viewing/picture quality at all, and is it good for plasmas?

Also my wall color is yellow if that makes a difference
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I just bought a cheap $5 13 LED USB light on Ebay and plugged it into my USB port behind my TV. It comes on when the TV is on and turns off when the TV is off. Works great so far.
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Originally Posted by CheapDeep View Post

I just bought a cheap $5 13 LED USB light on Ebay and plugged it into my USB port behind my TV. It comes on when the TV is on and turns off when the TV is off. Works great so far.

those are certainly cheap, but how much light does it put out and is it uniform? any pics would be great.
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I too am interested in the USB led light. Can you point us to the eBay store you got it at? Is the 1. -13 watt fixture enough? I have a 65" led. If I centered one of these would it be sufficient light?
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This is my low budget yet pleasingly effective results with 12' rope light from Walmart (under 16 bucks) and Velcro strips and Velcro cable ties behind my LG 60PZ950...
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The USB powered one is interesting. I would consider that one for sure. I would have to get a USB splitter though, since I am using my TV USB slot for a Wii 'sensor' bar power source(one less wire to have to hide from tv to wii!!)I have the "barlighting" or "light enhancing designs" brand [HERE]. The camera did not take a very good picture to show the AMOUNT of light present. There is quite a bit MORE than shown in the pics. Also check [THIS POST] for some photos of the product that a member here posted.

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This is my lighting all controles via a switch box and remote controle
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Originally Posted by Hfly1 View Post

I found the value solution for ambient bias lighting. It's a Westinghouse 12" fluorescent light fixture that I bought at Target for $10. It came with a cool white bulb that seems to be close to the 6500K range of the spectrum. I hung it on the back of my 50" Samsung plasma and it gives out the level of ambient light that I want without modification. It has a much larger diameter (about 2 inches) than some of the other options, so it may not work if you don't have that much clearance. It says "battery operated" on the package, but I noticed that it has a standard 12 volt power socket, so I was able to use a 12 V AC adapter (aka wall wart) to power it. I plugged it in to my receiver's AC outlets, so the light powers on when I power on the receiver. I can easily replace the cool white bulb with a full spectrum one later. It doesn't give the many color option of LED's, but for the price I think it provides excellent ambient light.

Hi, sorry for bringing back an old thread. But I just started messing around with HT backlighting. I honestly don't want to start buying LEDs and whatnot as I have already spent quite a bit on my entire HT system. So for a while no more funds towards that cause
So... I bought a 35w 6500k, GE energy saver bulb (similar to THIS) and a cheap radioshack nightstand housing. So far I don't quite like how it turned out, so I was wondering if perhaps a fluorescent tube would be a better choice? I tried looking for lower wattage but couldn't find any.
I was thinking about buying some short fluorescent tube and a cheap housing for it, and bolting it to the wall behind my TV. (its on a stand, not wall mounted by the way) would it be better?
Also, the reason for the quote was to ask if you could tell me the wattage of the tube and how did you mounted it.
Thanks in advance to anyone willing to give me a hand.

*EDIT* Can't post links yet
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I use a 15W, rounded CFL, rated at 5500k, mounted in a round bottom uplight fixture. It sits directly behind the center post of my LCD (which is on a media console, not wall mounted) so you can't see it at all by looking directly at the tv. The uplight fixture can be tilted so that light can reflect off of the back of the tv or the wall behind it. The wall is off-white in color and ends in a cathedral ceiling. The effect is quite dramatic. Keep in mind though that the color of the wall will make a big difference and the accuracy of the temp rating on most lights may not be as accurate as is stated on the packaging (CI needs to be 90 or greater).
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Hi, thanks for your reply. Tell me, that fixture you have, does it come with some sort of shade over the bulb? Do you use it? Cause to be honest, I was just thinking (like, right in this moment by watching the light behind my set) that the reason I find it kind of annoying is because I'm using one of those cheap "reading lamps", and maybe that "lantern effect" (caused by the tube housing the light bulb) was getting in the way of an even spread of light. But I'm afraid if I remove it, it may be too bright for the desired "ambient effect".
About the color temp, it was rated 6500k alright, but at CRI 80... I couldn't find anything closer to the real deal. So, if I understand you correctly the CRI level is more important than the kelvin temp?
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caper_1, how did you connect these light to USB port?
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I didn't. I think I said it would be a good idea.
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Bringing back the thread from a while back, but I have a few comments and updates....

So the pics that @Bryceo posted looks like there isn't really an even glow. Am i right? or is that just the picture?

The first LED kit backlight that I got is still going strong. I recently bought a new TV for my bedroom, and then went back to get for another kit on eBay but couldn't find Eclipse TV lights that I bought before. Googled "ambient tv lighting" and went to their website www.eclipsetvlights.com. I got a coupon code right on the homepage for an easy discount. Can't beat that.

Definitely go for this kit! cool.gif
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Old thread, I know. But I read the suggestions here before picking up some rope lights today. I might take the TV off the wall so I can get the lights a little more even, but I'm happy with it, turned out pretty good I think.

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THe key is to get LED
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Doing a tad bit of researching, I find http://www.eclipsetvlights.com/ are perfect. While many movie watchers are far from having a dedicated HT, everyone will find the need to have some kind of light on while watching tv. Remember your mom's advice: Don't watch tv in the dark...you'll go blind. (oh wait, that's something else;)) This lighting kit worked out perfect for me. They're exceptionally small, very easy to install with their adhesive backing (I used masking tape),
and the customer service is 2nd-to-none. How many companies these days will actually go outta their way and call you at home to answer a question you pose in an email?
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Flyingdog, yellowjackets66 and others,

Thanks for the shout out here on AVS. We had no idea this thread existed, but glad to see that there's plenty of love for Eclipse TV Lights. smile.gif

For all those smart people out there who are on the fence about which ambient light kit to use, here's a coupon code for all those at AVS. Just enter "AVS20" to get 20% off your entire order on our website. Shameless plug I know, but I think you guys all deserve it.

Still go questions? We'd be happy to get back to anyone, so just drop an email (info AT eclipsetvlights DOT com). Thanks!
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The wall behind my TV (currently a 50" DLP on a stand, the face of which is about 2' from the wall, but it's soon to be replaced by a 60" plasma to be wall mounted as tightly as possible ... hopefully only a couple of inches at the most) is a warm clay/brick red (http://sklenar.info/images/ht/listening/PICT2119.JPG) as opposed to the old recommendation of the Kodak neutral grey. Does the 6500K light temp matter as much in this case? Or am I really just providing eye strain relief with the bias lights & light color/temp really won't matter as much?

Thank you,
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I think 6500k is more for calibrating your hdtv. Personally, I choose the color for ambient light in conjunction with watch I'm watching. Different movies just look better with certain colors on the wall.
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@flyingdog, thank you very much for your feedback. I've ordered a set of the Eclipse lights and am looking forward to seeing what they do for me. smile.gif
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