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Single 12" sub w/ 1channel amp setup question

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Hi all, I have an Alpine SWE 1242 12"(750W Max 250 RMS) Sub.

Have several questions if you guys would be so kind.

1. What brand of amp should i be using and at what wattage?
2. What sort of enclosure should i use ?
3. I am stuck with a stock radio (Honda Accord integrated w/ heat controls, 180 W), will a line level adapter degrade quality considerably? (If so how can i minimize this?)

Thanks in advance
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1. Brand doesn't matter. Everyone here will give you their preferred brand, so go listen for yourself. For wattage, look for one with an RMS close to or a little above the sub. 300 watts RMS would be nice.
2. Depends on you. What type of music do you listen to? Heavy bass, fast drums, what? Personally, I like to hear the bass, I don't need everyone within 50 feet to hear it too, so I'd go with a sealed enclosure.
3. I know a lot of cars today have the nifty integrated sets, so you have to make do with adaptors. i don't think they will have much of a negative effect.
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Thanks nozerider i LOVE these forums i'll be busting balls in no time (gonna build the enclosure myself. Whats the name of the software that designs boxes so i can get dimensions for everything?
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well ill give you my opinions to
1. I agree with nozerider, everybody will tell you something different, buy a brand you like, just remember with amps you definitely get what you pay for.

2. If you want it to be loud, or you listen to rap, hip hop etc. then youll wanna go ported, port and the bass will come. But if your looking for more of an sq system or a do everything i would go sealed, ive had both, like sealed better.

3. I dont think its going to downgrade the quality that much, but having an aftermarket headunit will allow you a lot more tuning ability which in turn will give you a better sounding system, if your looking for stuff to adapt heater controls to etc. try calling crutchfield.

and the program your thinking of i believe is winISD pro. You can get it free online, but its sort of difficult to use, i would just look up a box calculator and use that to figure it out, unless your going ported. just my 2 cents
btw this is my first post here, so I hope i helped !
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I just recently built my first box. These were some useful websites that i came across. Hope this helps.



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I got the exact same thing as yours.

Running on Alpine M450 amp @ 4ohm. Kinda weak cause it's only out put to 220RMS. I'd say ebay for an M650 with 400RMS @4ohm will gets more potential of your sub.

with the 220 RMS i get decent bass when turning volume half way . I was thinking of getting better louder amps but for my style of music. I want something not too loud but loud enough to feel the vibe of bass.

I recently rewire my bass coil @ 2ohm settings. It does gets louder when running @ 400RMS @ 2ohm on amp but not so sure about the quality as equal as regular 4ohm set up.
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