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Should I get this LCD over plasmas?

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Samsung 46" 1080p LCD
I thought that 1080p was best at 50" or higher, and when you're closer. I'll sit 13 feet from the TV if I wall mount it. Anyways, I wanted a plasma because I heard that they had better colors and black levels. But, this LCD is something to consider. At 13 feet away, is it better to have an 46" LCD than a 50" Plasma? I was always more on size than resolution(especially when 1080p isn't used so often). Also, they say LCDs are better for gaming(don't understand this since plasmas have better colors and black levels). Is this a better choice than a 50" 720p plasma?
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I just looked at the owners threads for the 2 plasmas I was thinking of getting(Samsung 64 and Panasonic 77U), and many people were complaining about problems they had with them. That really worries me, as they were mostly complaining about TV broadcasts, and some with Xbox 360 problems. I thought Plasmas always had the best quality, what's up with this?
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There is no perfect TV. Plasma or lcd.
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The thing about plasma having better color & blacks is just a myth plasma owners throw around.

Plasma TV have better blacks than LCD's when there is no light, but it's the complete opposite when there is light!
About the better colors, it's B.S., nearly all the Plasma & LCD panles are 8-bit & can only display 16 million+ colors It depends on how the processor on each TV handles the colors.
Only a few Plasma & LCD panels have came out that are over 10-bit.

Plasma isn't always best for motion for gaming either. While they don't have ghosting problems, they do have a very noticeable yellow rainbow-like lag effect on every plasma

As for the it's all up to you, I had a 46" LCD & sat from the same distance as you did more or less & it was perfectly fine.
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And remember a LCD person will speak ill of plasma and plasma will tell LCD faults. There is no perfect TV. Just the one you prefer.

I just like them both. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.
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