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Looks like this thread has gotten a bit cold with the last significant posts from back in 2010.

At 24 pages it's hard to keep track of all the tips, issues, settings, etc that everyone has discovered with this unit

I just picked up a used BD8002 as prices are now getting very attractive for this player if one is looking for a high-quality BD player, but doesn't need a network capable unit.

Anyway, I did upgrade the firmware to the latest 1.113 release, so that's done. But I thought I'd ask if anyone has a quick synopsis of any other tweaks or settings that have been found to be "best practices" with the BD8002 over the last few years' worth of posts.

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Another quick question: Is there anything special about the 2-channel RCA outputs on the BD8002 versus the multi-channel(7.1) outputs?

The BD8002 had both multichannel(7.1) and 2-channel RCA outputs. The 2-channel ostensibly being for 2-channel playback, such as with a CD.

If one looks at the rear of the BD8002, it is apparent that the 2-channel RCA jacks are of a completely and much "heavier" looking construction, and they are more widely spaced than the multi-channel(7.1) RCA jacks. The 2-channel RCAs almost look as if they are HDAM equipped versions based upon the spacing, although no specs for the BD8002 mention the BD8002 having any HDAM modules.

One can easily play a 2-channel CD through the multi-channel(7.1) outputs, so it makes me wonder why Marantz bothered to have dedicated 2-channel outputs, and make them a clearly different physical design. There has to be a reason.

I wonder if this is an undocumented HDAM or other "upgraded" 2-channel output?

Any ideas?

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...OK, apologies, one more observation

When I was upgrading the firmware to the latest release, part of the process causes the fluorescent display to light up all the fluorescent "cells". Interestingly, to the far left, there is a "super audio" part of the display that lights during this mode. Of course the BD8002 never did ship supporting SACD or DVD-A(udio), but it makes one wonder if at one point in the design process if they were considering having/adding this support?

It's "history" now though, as I'm certain that Marantz wouldn't add that support now, but if one knew any of the engineers at Marantz, I wonder if that had been initially considered and designed into the fluorescent display "just in case", but later abandoned... and why.

Anyway, just interesting I thought....

BTW, we are really enjoying the unit. We had a DV7600 and it did a great job with audio and upscaling DVD. We haven't tried doing and A-B comparison with the DVD upscaling between the 7600 and 8002, but I can definitely say that Bluray looks fantastic on our Marantz 4001 projector at 1080i.

So far CDs sound great too, seemingly as good as the DV7600.

And as reported throughout this thread, the 8002 is a beast(in a good way). It is built "like a tank" and has the heft of one. The controls(buttons) have a good quality feel, as well as the general construction. This was definitely Marantz's(and Denon twin) concept of "high end" for Bluray, if not quite "reference", but nearly so.

These are going for about $300 now, and I think that is a real steal if you don't care about profile 2.0 features. If you want great DVD upscaling, lossless decoding, and don't need SACD/DVD-A, this is a great "universal"(again, no SACD/DVD-A) player.

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So, I've tried to hook up the BD8002 via it's remote control hookups on the rear to my SR8200, but it doesn't seem to work.

The reason I'm doing this is that when my projector screen is down, the only component that is exposed to the remote control is my SR8200. The SR8200 has three options for communicating IR remote control signals to other devices.

It has a 1/8" IR out repeater plug. It has one pair of in/out "mult RC" RCA plugs, and one pair of in/out "RC5" RCA plugs.

The BD8002 has a pair of 1/8" in/out jacks for chaining to other Marantz gear to daisy-chain remote control commands. According to the BD8002 instructions, one should connect the BD8002 "in" using a 1/8" to RCA cable to the Marantz receiver one wants to use to relay the remote control.

I have tried connecting the "multi RC" and "RC5" jacks, both in and out, on the SR8200 to the remote control jacks on the BD8002 in multiple combinations with no success.

Is there some trick to getting this to work?

Is the SR8200 somehow not capable of relaying the commands to the BD8002? I would really be surprised on this point because the SR8200 should just passively relay the signal, plus I've never had this issue before.

Any ideas? Without this relay function working, it is very inconvenient to raise the screen every time we need to control the BD8002.

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