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How do I figure out the size of my speaker driver ??!?!?!?

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One of the drivers in my front speaker has crapped out on me and I want to replace it but don't know how to measure the driver size ? Do I measure the diameter from one edge of the driver casing to the other or do I measure just the cone part ?

Casing end to end it is about 5-1/4" and the cone diameter (with the foam) is 4-3/4". When I searched online 5-1/4" is a standard size so I thought that should be the right replacement for my broken driver.

Also the other question is that does it make sense to replace both the L and R front drivers just so that they match ? Or is it ok to replace just the broken one as long as both their RMS rating is the same ?
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sounds like a 5" driver actually. I believe you measure from the outside of the foam surround to the inside of the foam surround on the opposite end.

more detail on the speakers this driver is in would be nice. Perhaps someone can suggest a good replacement.
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So do I need to order a 5-1/4" driver or 4" one (based on the inner cone dia) ?
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The size of the driver is the outside diameter of the frame, in this case 5-1/4".

That said one can't simply replace the driver with any generic driver of the same size. Speaker systems are designed around the performance characteristics of the drivers. These characteristics are called Thiele/Small parameters.


You need know the T/S parameters of your driver and buy a replacement with the same or very similar parameters.
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I don't know their thiele/small value so I think it would be best if I replace both the front speakers so that they match exactly.

So now where can I buy these speakers ? PartsExpress has them but most of them are not magnetically shielded. I believe that I should get the magnetically shielded ones since they'll be placed right next to my rear projection TV.

They do have one shielded one but its ratings are 70W RMS/ 130W peak and the ones I am replacing are rated 100W RMS/200W peak. Probably not a good idea to use the 70W ones to replace the 100W ones.

Anyone know where I can buy these drivers (5-1/4" shielded @ 100W RMS/200W peak) ?
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Replace both. Even if you were to find the excact speaker and replace the one, they might sound different due to age.

The RMS ratings aren't going to make any difference here. Look for drivers that have the same or less than frequency response as the old ones....for example....if your current speaker driver is rated at 48Hz - 20Khz.....go with a speaker that is 48Hz or less to cover the lower end of the spectrum.

Call Parts Express and ask for a technical person to discuss what you want to do. They are knowledgeable and should be able to provide you the best alternative.
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