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No longer able to download a thread?

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Hi. Haven't tried this in a long time. I recently noticed that one is no longer able to download a thread in rich text format. This is very helpful when you are searching for a term or two in a very long thread.
Has this functionality been removed or is there a setting I'm using in my profile?
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That was a hack that was added to the other version and is not part of the normal package. I am sorry to say their is no hack as of yet for this version. Their is a PDF version, but it has issues with large threads.
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Thanks for the reply. Here's hoping you can hack this new version!
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We are trying.
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David, please let us know ASAP when you hack this version to allow us to download threads. I find that this is an extremely useful feature.
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It will be added to the THREAD TOOLS when it is again available. Right now it is not looking good though as this PDF one just will not work with large threads and the other one that was made will not work with this version.

Still looking though.
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I agree, this was a nice feature, err hack.
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Ok, all set. Now added back in. Enjoy.
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Ok, it seems even this new code we just installed has a bug where it does not download all the posts. So it still does not work.
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Ok, as an RTF file it does not work as it should, but downloading as a TXT file seems to work OK. So, better than nothing.

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I found this old thread via search.

So, how do I download a complete mutli-page thread?
Not clear to me, sorry if I missed it in a FAQ, I tried but could not find directions.
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Go into the thread, at the top of the thread on the right look for THREAD TOOLS, click that, and in the drop down you will see DOWNLOAD THREAD.
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Thx, I was easily able to download the 11 page thread "zooming vs lens" as txt, not as nice as rtf or HTML but I understand it's a software restriction.
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