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Although true Home Entertainment systems are never quite "done", I am quite content with how my setup is right now.

I am happy to share the my costs for the whole system and even if I paid a lot for my TV, it was steal since I got it 2 months after it came out. I think I did well budget wise, if not let me know! (maybe I can get a price adjustment)

**EDIT** I read in another sticky that is requested not to put on the prices that I paid so I have removed them.

Just waiting for my portable PVR (swapping out my archos 504 for a new one when it comes out) but otherwise all components in the photos.

Display: Sony KDS-R60XBR1
AVR: Denon AVR-987
Mains: Polk R-300's
Center: Polk CSR
Rears: Polk Rc80
Sub: Velodyne VX10c
Remote: Logitech Harmony 676
Cables: Mostly Monoprice HDMI & Monster Component+Speaker
Sources: Motorola DCH3416 -
PS3 60GB (with 8 free blu ray Movies)
Dell MCE c521 (hooked to a NAS with all my DVD's in ISO)
Magic Mic (karaoke baby, yeah! another shot?)
Miscellaneous: Two laptop pads for cooling the component cabinets FAR
Media Console from Costco
Floating shelf from IKEA

I think that is it, everything works fine considering everything is on one end of a 35'x19' room Family room + Dining + Kitchen and has about third of a wall on the left side (open to formal living room) I would appreciate any comments from personal experiences that would improve my setup!


almost forgot the pix with the cabinets closed...