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"Box" to hide Screen case?

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I have mounted a new Elite cine-tension screen on the wall close to the ceiling (could not mount in ceiling as rafters above the dry wall ceiling go the wrong way). The ceiling of viewing area is actually boxed area (effectively creating a raised or tray ceiling) created by the dry wall concealing of forced air ducts on the three sides of this 15x23ft area (front and two sides). The screen is mounted on the front face of the front boxed "wall" and is almost an exact fit (107 inches across a 108” frontal area. I would like to know options/thoughts for concealing the screen in its current location, perhaps by building a valance or two sided box (or three with a panel to let the screen drop) surrounding the screen case mounted on the wall.

Please provide me with options on how to enclose the frame that will still permit access if at some future point I need to get to the mechanics. Anything pre-made that might work such as boxes made for in cieling mounting that could be adapted for an on wall mount?

Attached is a pix if my description is not clear.

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I would think that you would want to make the front of the the box look like the soffit looked like before you hung the screen. With wall to wall Crown molding and hanging down even with the existing soffits.

Having said that the front face of this new box can be hung with screws along the top edge that get hid by the molding. Secure the molding with just a few finishing nails and caulk in place. If you need to access the screen remove the molding and unscrew the the front face.

You could put some small corner molding at the two side edges hiding any gap.
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I would do exactly as BIGmouthinDC recommended. You could also put a couple short 2x2 below the crown verticaly for the sides of the false front to screw into. just use a little painters caulk and paint to hide the screws and any gap at the side edges. Should look pretty good.
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