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Acer PH530 Tweakers and Calibration thread.. - Page 11

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Is anyone else using this with a Da-Lite high power screen? I'd like to know what your settings are.

So are most people using their own settings or using Venk's (below)?

Eco Mode: ON
Brightness: 47
Contrast: 74
Color Temp: 1
White Segment: 5
Degamma: 7
Red: 88
Green: 82
Blue: 87
Saturation: 61
Tint: 48
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Can anyone tell me how magenta looks on their Acer? If using DVE or any other calibration disc, when blue and red look best through the filters green is off and magenta looks like violet.

If tint is taken down to get the magenta looking more red/purple like then blue and red are thrown off with the filters.

Should my main goal be to get the magenta looking right sacrificing what the filters are telling me, their accuracy may be off anyways.
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so I am temporarily moving to a place with limited tv choices

sat will not work because of the short duration of the relocation

there is a small local company with 25 channels over coax

how do I get that into my Acer PH530

eye tv into the USB??

thanks in advance
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so I am here with my Acer PH530 and I bought a Digital TV Converter (RCA DTA800B1) and plugged it in to the wall where rumor has it there is 25 channels of cable tv and nothing

so do I need an eyetv for this, running through my MacBook then into the projector

am I missing something simple here or do I need to go and buy a tv and give up on this??

thanks in advance

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Johnycanal, if I understand your question properly, the easiest way to get 25 "basic cable" analog channels into your Acer would be to use the composite video out from a VCR, using the VCR as a tuner.

Most cable companies don't leave unpaid-for connections hooked up.
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yeah it is paid for, that is not the problem

traveled away from home on a temporary job assignment and space was at a premium

so now to find a free or very cheap vcr

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$6 vcr did the trick

thanks for the help
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hey everyone

I just got my ph530. I was wondering why the picture displays to far upwards? I always have to put something under the back of the projector to aim it down so it hits the wall correctly. seems like it was designed to sit low to the ground and then display upwards to the wall. Is there a way to change this?

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no mrkiki911, there's no way to change this. It's called the throw angle / offset and differs from one projector to another.
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mrkiki, there is a way to mount the projector high (and upside-down), and then project down onto the screen. You have to invert the picture in the menu options.

Either way, though, the angle of the projected light is the same.
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I need help diagnosing a problem.

I just got back from out of town and the projector wasn't used for about a week(prolly doesn't matter) The Project would flicker through all the colors and then it finally got stuck on green. A few moments later the bulb turns off the the lamp and temp lights turn on. I unplug it and wait about 15 minutes and now its working perfectly.

I'm a projector amateur but it seems its bulb/color wheel issue?

Any help would be appreciated
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I hope people still check this forum! I have had my Acer PH530 since 2007 and it has a similar problem as mrkiki911, however the Acer Support Rep agreed that my unit should not be projecting upwards as much as it is. The lamp doesn't shine through the center of the lens, but rather through the upper part of the lens - and it's getting progressively worse: a couple weeks ago, I could put the unit flat on my counter and project toward my wall, and the top of the picture just would hit the corner of the wall and the ceiling, but if I do it today, two-thirds of the picture is now on the ceiling.

1) I am given to understand that this can be corrected in Service Mode. I have figured out how to get the Service Mode Menu to come up, but the options for PC Calibration and Video Calibration are greyed-out. I've tried plugging my PC into the VGA, HDMI, and my VCR into the S-Video, Video,a and RGB ports, in hopes that this will prompt the projector into making those two options selectable (the other menu items are okay), but without successt. Does anyone know what I need to do to allow me to select these modes?

2) And what is the most recent firmware version and does anyone have a link to where it can be downloaded? Acer's website is no help.
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