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Projector + Plasma In One Room

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Gentlemen, not to derail the fine Pioneer thread, so here are a couple of observations:

(1) Thanks for the hello.

(2) I am sitting in my viewing room right now. It's a family room with the kitchen behind the viewing position. There are a handful of ways to add a projector to the plasma here, and they all suck.

* Drop down screen in front of the plasma, ceiling mounted. Projector, ceiling mounted. Lower the center channel into the furniture and change out the door material. Cost, many thousands of dollars. Permanent projector sitting on the ceiling cause even with thousands more this is a 2-story and I can "suck" the projector into the ceiling at any price. I could build a "separator" that holds it and creates a barrier between this room and the next. Aside from cost, I'd probably be unhappy the screen was too high.

* Rise up screen in front of the plasma. Projector on a movable cart (with a locator system so I can put it back in place accurately). The only affordable rise-up screen can't be bought yet and is limited to 80-inches. For thousands more, you can go bigger and buy now. The "cart system" is a deterrent at best to using the projector. I'd have to push the coffee table somewhere and then locate the cart each time. Upside is perfect screen height and with the affordable screen, a very low-price solution. Center channel goes above the whole rig instead of below where it is now. Truthfully, looking at the center channel at this sceond, I hate its appearance in front of the TV. I'm ready to move it up onto the wall right now, but for the lack of a shelf at my fingertips.

Another way to do this is to ditch the cart, mount the projector in the floor, and have it rise up from the floor. With a motorized lift, that's a small fortune. With a spring-loaded lift, I'm not even sure what would happen. Now the cart is gone, but the coffee table still needs to move.

I suppose a "third way" is a custom coffee table with the projector mounted inside there and a "locator" to allow the table to be properly repositioned relative to the screen. In a strange way, I suspect that would be among the least-acceptable on the WAF meter.

* Screen on a different wall. Ceiling drop down. Oddball wall mount for the projector, permanently sitting out there. Second sound system required. We watch on a different couch. Um, no, this is not even worthy of thinking about.

* Projector in the living room (different room from where we watch now). Same screen and mount (the ceiling there is sloped and is always very high. Second set of speakers. Blah blah.

This is my house, yours is different. But, yeah, the projector presents its own set of problems.
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So Rogo the moral of the story is that Projectors dont work for you which drops you right back in Kuro land. So now that the Kuros are competing with themsleves which one would you buy and why ? (At least you dont have a ceiling issue !)
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I'd buy the non-Elite to save some cash.

I'd buy the Elite cause it's better looking.

I'd buy the 70-inch for about 15% less than they want for the 60-inch. Oops, that doesn't exist yet.
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