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Burn Notice on USA HD

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Anyone else been watching this show? I taped all the eps during a marathon yesterday, and watched a bunch last night. It's really good; I love Jeffrey Donovan, the lead actor. I just wish it was in HD. USA shows it in 4:3, so I don't think its even shot in HD. Miami lends itself to looking good in HD, but oh well. So, anyone else into this show????????
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I've enjoyed it. It's been my summertime "guilty pleasure". Not nearly in the class of 'Mad Men' or 'Damages', two of the best shows seen on any network in quite some time, but a lot of silly fun nonetheless. And, let's face it, anything with Bruce Campbell in it is worth watching.
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I stumbled across it when it premiered and have been watching it ever since. It's been a pleasant surprise to have something new to watch during the summer off-season. I like the light, quirky tone of the show, and that it doesn't take itself too seriously. I heard that USA recently decided to give it another season.
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I anticpated this show since it was announced, I haven't missed an episode. Last night's epside is up next on the DVR watching schedule later today. I like it a lot and I got my Dad hooked on it too. I'm happy to see that it was annouced for a 2nd season.
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I'm with you all, this show is great. Good action yet humorous at the same time. Definitely nice to see something new and fun on USA besides CSI and SVU. Great shows but getting old.
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I've only missed the first 30 mins of the pilot. Glad to see a show actually filmed in Miami set in Miami.
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Season finale on Thursday is 2 hours.
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Am I correct in assuming (sadly) that since the show is aired 4:3 that any DVD boxset of the season will be 4:3? In other words, is there any chance it's filmed 16:9 or wider, but USA is broadcasting 4:3? I just hate that a good show like this is not produced as well as some of the dumb shows so widely available.
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Good question. I wonder how TNT broadcasts in HD but the shows were originally filmed in 4:3 format. Or are they always filmed 16:9?
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No comments yet on the finale? Michael dispatches another evil drug lord (lordy, there sure are a lot of 'em in Miami), rescues Sam, kisses Fee goodbye and drives up into a semi. Cut, print, wrap. We have to wait until next summer now??

Anybody recognize the mysterious chick's voice? Could it end up being Audrey Landers (Sam's "girlfriend")...? Maybe she's keeping time with Sam to keep tabs on what Michael's up to. Richard Schiff sure had a brief part. Thing I don't get is if Mystery Chick wanted Michael alive, why was Schiff trying to kill him? Didn't he work for her?

I tell you what.... If real spy agencies routinely knock off their operatives as often as this show does, they must have a hard time recruiting. But then they don't have to worry about paying pension benefits, I guess.

Enjoyable wrap up to an enjoyable season. I'll be looking forward to more adventures next summer.
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I quite enjoyed it too. More screen time for Bruce Campbell, and he was awesome in his scenes. They whole "kill me now" psyche-out talk was great.

My chemist friend tells me that metal is already crystalized and that a can of inverted compressed air would not get cold enough to slow down the molecules of a lock to smash it like that. Oh well.. that was a fun scene anyway...

Can't wait until the summer, I see that USA Network is running re-runs on Saturday afternoons.

Not sure who the mysterious female on the phone is. But I liked how they closed the final scene with the back of the truck slamming shut, then ... "fade to black..."
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I liked it also. 2 hours sure flew (thanks to the DVR also). I like eps when all the characters are there including his mom, bro, and the black market guy.
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I just watched it tonight. Had to catch my sis and bro-in-law up on the other eps. It nearly killed me waiting. We all loved it!! I've been a little suspicious of the lady friend as well, since their first meeting. That would make it very interesting, and quite a juicy part for Audry Landers. I sure hope the DVD set is 16:9, but I'm not holding my breath. I sent an email to USA, complimenting them on the show but asking for 16:9. No answer yet. Wonder when the box set will come out? Probably just before the second season.
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Love the show. I hate that we have to wait until Summer '08 for it to come back. It has been my favorite show this Summer.
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The 4400 DVD box sets all have 16:9 layout and say shot in high definition. Yet USA only shows it in cropped 4:3, so probably all of their newer series like Burn Notice, Dead Zone, and others are really shot in 16:9 hidef just not aired that way on the USA since its only standard definition 4:3 format. I just watch the DVD sets, much higher quality.
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Sweet, that's awesome news. I wonder if they'll release it on HDM at some point...that would totally rock.
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Is it in 4:3 on USA HD? Or does nobody have that channel yet?
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Per tvshowsondvd.com, the Burn Notice Season One set will be released June 3rd and will be priced at $49.98. Here is the link:

Can't wait!!
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Ok, just got an email from Amazon this am. Season one of Burn Notice is supposed to be released June 17th and is priced at $34.99 per the pre-order notice. Sweet!
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I had TIVO'd the original episodes of this series last year, but did not watch them in the hope that USA HD would show these episodes in HD once D* decided to carry USA HD. Things have worked out pretty well, and I have enjoyed many of the later shows in HD. I still have the last two episodes to go, and notice they are scheduled to air in the next couple of weeks (no doubt in HD).

This is the best of two worlds. I get to see the show in HD. And, this keeps the plot line current for me going into the second season in a few weeks.

I just hope that when the show finally ends they play fair and tie up all the loose ends.
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That's funny. I've been watching the reruns from season 1 and they're in SD on USA HD. I have Comcast but I don't think it matter unless you're stretching your screen.
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Got the DVDs yest. Haven't gotten to put one in the tray yet, but I'm really looking forward to this show in widescreen. It was painful to watch in SD last season. Seeing it in HD will blow me away!
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So whos excited that Burn Notice in USA is coming back?
I really enjoyed the original season. It had a very mcguyver
feel to it.
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Me! Me! Me!

But I wonder if it'll be in HD. Repeats of the first season have been SD, much to my disappointment. After Dish added USAHD, I was going to watch the first season in HD, but no dice.
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Originally Posted by drummerguy View Post

Me! Me! Me!

But I wonder if it'll be in HD. Repeats of the first season have been SD, much to my disappointment. After Dish added USAHD, I was going to watch the first season in HD, but no dice.

Only the first few eps were in SD, they've been in HD for the last several weeks.
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Originally Posted by malice95 View Post

So whos excited that Burn Notice in USA is coming back?
I really enjoyed the original season. It had a very mcguyver
feel to it.

My family and I are really awaiting Michel Weston!!!
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never really watched the first season but looking forward to this it looks interesting.

This show and MONK i'm looking forward to on USA HD!!!
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Marathon Alert: Season 1 being rerun in HD Thursday 7/3 on USAHD from 5:30 AM CDT to 6:00 PM CDT.

Just set the DVR to get them all so I can catch up in time for season 2 one week later.
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Moved from SD section to HD.
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Crappy that it was in SD, but it is a fantastic show. Looking forward to this next HD season.
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