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Dish5000+Panny STB+PV-HD1000  

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I was wondering how Panny TU-DST51A outputs non-HD material off of the Dish5000+Modulator. Will Panny output everything (both HD and non-HD) on its component output or HD will go on one bus and non-HD on composite ?

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The Dish 5000 modulator only outputs HD material. Plus the Panny 51 has separate inputs for HD and SD.

I've never used the SD input on my Panny 51, but it is my understanding that the SD material is only output via SD composite. Given this situation, there is really no need to use the Panny for Dish SD material. Just run the Modulator into the HD input and the SD output of the 5000 directly into the set.
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For digital recording, the system can only record ATSC standard formats, so from Dish network, that means the HDTV channels or the few SD channels (HBO, Showtime) that have Dolby Digital audio.

It will not record or "output" any Dish program, or local analog TV that is not ATSC compatible. Meaning SDTV or HDTV with DD audio.
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