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Reduce drop on Da-Lite tensioned screen?  

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After recently taking possesion of my new DaLite High Contrast DaMat (tensioned) electric screen, I have realised that it hangs somewhat too low (too much black border above viewable area) when fully extended. I was assuming that decreasing the drop would not be a problem, but I'm concerned by the warning in the instruction booklet:

The screen surface travel is stopped automatically in the fully opened and closed positions by limit switches that are properly adjected at Da-Lite. The screen should not be adjusted for more or less drop. The fabric cables are adjusted for proper vertical and lateral tension at Da-Lite.

Should the picture surface get out of adjustment and it be necessary to adjust picture surface drop, proceed in the following manner.
(it then describes the use of two limit knobs.)

The UK dealer I purchased it from thinks I should probably be able to make some minor adjustments with these limit knobs OK, but is unsure I would be able to lose much more than an inch or two (I'd like to lose close to a foot).

I can probably help matters by raising the unit as high as possible (to be wall mounted), and maybe even removing some coving to get a little more height. This will still not give me quite enough height though, and I cannot mount it above the ceiling.

Is the use of these adjustments a complete no-go, or should I risk it?


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You can adjust the screen to stop at any point that you like. Look under the housing to the left side. You will see the adustment holes which take a hex wrench. There should have been a plastic one included with your screen. The yellow one raises the screen. Turn it about a half turn with the screen off. Then lower and raise your screen. You will find that it has raised some. You will have to use trail and error until you raise is as high as you like. It seems complicated but once you do it , it is very simple. It took me about 5 minutes with my wife sitting on the sofa helping. My screen has 4 feet of drop. I purchased extra drop because my we are building a new house next year with as yet undetermined ceiling height. I wanted the option to use the screen regardless of the ceiling height. My screen went all the way to the floor!. But in five minutes, I had it adjusted to right above the center channel speaker.
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I wouldn't be too concerned about the warning. I contacted Da-lite before I adjusted mine. They said go ahead and that it would cause no problems. I suggest you e-mail them if you are concerned. You can e-mail me as well. My e-mail is bulldoggin2@yahoo.com . I installed and wired my screen and have done a lot of tinkering with it. I probabely can help you with any tips you need.
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Off topic a bit, how much did you guys pay for your tensioned electric Da-Lites? I ask because I was thinking of getting a manual pull-down Stewart Luxus Communicator until my dealer told me the price: $1,615 (dealer cost with discount).

I want a tensioned pull down screen (don't care if it's manual or electric) but don't want to pay so much.
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Bulldogger, thanks very much for the reassurance.

Augie, I don't think the price I paid in the UK would be of much help (other than to make you feel better about not living here!).

OK, if you insist....

I paid £1,800 (about $2,600) for a Da-Lite Tensioned Cosmopolitan Electrol 45"x80" High Contrast Da-Mat.


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Bulldogger, I remembered your private message about getting a Da-Lite for $1,300. Richard, you're right. I am glad I don't live in the UK... $2,600!
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I paid a little more than half of what Richard paid for my screen with delivery included. I have the exact same screen. I guess, they charge more to export? Also, I didn't pay retail either. Retail for that screen is around 1900.00 , I think.
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None of the pictures of the Tensioned Cosmopolitan Electrol on Da-Lite's web site shows any black masking on the bottom of the screen. Did your screens comes with black masking on the bottom along with the black bar?
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