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Thanks for that nice little write up Jerry. It was a pleasure getting you all fixed up.

However I must address a few things in your post.

First, I don't ever remember telling anyone that I felt it was a capacitor problem. I go to great lengths to not indicate what i do to repair these boards. And that is my response to anyone that has asked in the past.

I am also surprised at the number of people that think that resonator is the problem. That Pioneer Tech Bulletin you indicate has been out for years and years. Yet I still consistently gets boards from people who have taken there receiver to a Pioneer ACS or sent it to pioneer, only to have it fail again at a later date. Which they then end up sending me their boards.

To date I have probably done hundreds of these boards and have not had any come back again with the repairs that I do. But, I am not going to get into just what I do since I do make a profit on this although it is very small for what I charge. I do it more to help those in need then for the money.

But those who wish to can try changing any of the suggested parts that I have seen posted over the years but as I have already seen, sometimes it will work for a while, but you will eventually end up sending your boards to me. And I will be happy to help. smile.gif
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Please forgive me up front if I have missed this topic, but I need some help and I am a total NOOB!  :)


Is there a way for me to enjoy 5.1 surround sound when using an optical/spdif cable?  My Gaming PC sound output is connected to VSX-92TXH via optical/spdif cable but I only get sound out of RF, Middle and LF speakers.  Now the sound is very good, but I would really like to enjoy the rear channels as well as the sub.  Is there a setting or something I can do to achieve this?


Thanks in advance. 


The reason I have opted to not use HDMI it to avoid any lag (that would effect gaming). 

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You just submitted a fairly silly question into a pretty well respected, technical thread. i may be wrong but most of us on this thread are not having to deal with A/V sync latency issues. Having said that, we all know about codec timing differences and feel your pain. Try some of the gaming forums for some answers. All digital inputs; fiber, coax,HDMI will behave differently with various receivers.

If you have a receiver or processor that allows each input delay to be adjusted individually, then you are golden...otherwise...you might consider a separate gaming platform...
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Sorry about the "silly"?.  Thanks for your reply.  I did do some digging and learned that my sound card was not using dolby or dts.  I was trying to confirm that the issue was not with the pioneer, but understand now differently. 


Thanks again.

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hi there , i'm a new member here,i am from Greece.I own a pioneer vsx-lx 60 (92thx's european name) and i have a damaged awx8871 board.I had it checked by an official  pioneer service and they told me that it is the saw resonator CSS1716 but they inform me that pioneer said to them that the only way is to change the board,which board is out of stock.

I read here that Macgyver can fix this.I am so dissapointed that if it is possible i wil send it to him to fix it for me.Could you tell me if it is possible to be fixed?I cannot use the receiver because as the engineer said the resonator(or transmitter) is responsible for another problem,when i volume up to 0 (it has a range -80 to +20) it stops playing and the red dot-phase control (in front of the receiver) blinks.


thanks a lot.

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You can email me to discuss: macgyver566@gmail.com
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you have an email.thanks for the response. 

The specific problem is the hdmi out.it doesnt give video.but the hdmi in are all ok.when i put an hdmi cable to hdmi in  it gives sound. 

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guys- Just went to hook my 92 for the first time in about 4 yrs- ran my BR to hdmi 1 and then out from the 92 to hdmi3(arc) on my new samsung 8000- I do not get anything- no picture no sound- I tried switching thru inputs but still nothing- the red HDMI light on front does not go on -what am I doing wrong- thanks
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