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adjust speaker "level" (db) and "distance".. please help

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Im really hoping some of you pros in the audio department lol can help me out since i know very very little about audio(more about video )

i have a RCA RT2770 home system(cheap 1000watt system) and i like it, i dont mind it at all and it does the job that i need. im running my PS3 via optical connection to the RCA receiver and i was playing around the settings with the receiver and one of them is "distance" can anyone explain what this is to me? the manual sucks for this unit and doesnt give detail as to what it does or what or means. i basically set the distance of each speaker in accordance to what its at now from my spot of viewing. but further explaination would be nice..

another thing im having a hard time with is the "speaker level" which can be adjusted individually(sub, FL, FR,CNT, SL, SR) and it goes from -10db to 10db. the default is 0db.. can anyone tell me the best setting and what the heck this means? when i put it up it increases the sound.. but is it manditory or would it sound better? i've been playing around with it but i need help big time.

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1. The distance setting is, in fact, the distance from each speaker to the listener's ears and is used to assure that the sound from each arrives at your ears at the same time, regardless of the different distances from each speaker.

2. The level setting is to insure that the output level from each speaker is the same when it arrives at your ears. This is best set with a test tone and with a sound level meter.

Test tones are usually available from within the AVR's setup menu but also can be found on many DVDs with the THX Optimizer on them. You can also buy test disks.

And while a sound level meter is best, you can listen to the test tones and adjust levels by ear to get a better result than without any adjustments. Usually, you start with, say, the FrontLeft speaker and then adjust each of the others individually, up or down, to get them to match the FrontLeft.
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thanks!. yea the RCA does have "test tone" .. but say i run this test and play with the level settings for the speakers, at what range do i set the volume to when doing the test and setting the db levels?? my receiver's volume goes from 0-40(40being max volume) .. i remember my brother(who knows alittle more about audio then me) told me anything above half max volume will cause distortion or something like that so i usually keep the volume around 15-20....any pointers?
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Again, one can use a sound level meter and calibrate the RCA at the reference levels but you need not. Just use a barely comfortably loud setting, equivalent to your louder listening setting. The relative level settings between the speakers are more important than the reference level at which you make those settings.
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i dont have a sound level meter. i just used the half way volume of about 20. thx for the help! system is sounding alittle better now.. i set the surround at +2db and cnt and front's to +4db. my subwoofer has 4 preset settings. soft, balance, strong and powerful. however when setting its level, it always goes back to +10db for the subwoofer!? i can change it back down to like +5db or whatever, but as soon as i turn off the receiver and turn it back up, boom its back at +10db, and it only effects the subwoofer, it saves the settings for the other speakers thankfully. you think this is a fault or somethings wrong with the receiver or something?..werid...
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Originally Posted by eddiedz View Post

........ you think this is a fault or somethings wrong with the receiver or something?..werid...

I have no idea. Have you tried this with a different preset?
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well its odd.. when using the presets you can hear and feel the difference for sure. but as soon as i press "level" and go to the subwoofer its always at +10db. if then adjust it to say +1db you can hear the difference.. if i go back and change the preset from balance to something like "strong" then go back and check the level again, its still at +1db for the subwoofer though you can still hear a differnece. its very weird, it appears the presets overwrite the level settings for the sub. but as soon as i power it off, then power it back on, BAMM. its back at +10db and it never use to be like that, for some reason i always seen it at +1db only(unless if i never notice the 0 lol)
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