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Originally Posted by nidi View Post

not all, some chips have been sourced from the panel manufaturers, which would mean tousands if not hunderd of thousands of
LCD and Plasma Panels going black

Interesting. But that would only be the case if those chips have the same keys that said panels use. I would expect a big manufacturer (say, Samsung) to have a large pool of keys to hand out.

That said, do you know what devices use "safe" keys?
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I have the Moome MUX for two years now and it never has an issue.

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No issues with both my Moome cards either...I have the first gen and the latest one

...has anyone tried/used this one:

GameSwitch PS3-S201

Here are the "key" features:

--Switch one HDMI source (Ex: SONY PlayStation®3) and one DVI displayed PC to one DVI monitor and stereo speaker
--Compliant with HDMI1. , HDCP, and DVI1.0
--Auto and manual channel selection, an external button is attached with the cable connected to monitor
--Electronic design and high quality signal transmission
--LED status to indicate the source displayed
--Magnetic pad and attachable metal plate to ease the installation

Supports the following resolutions:


...only the 1080P is of interest to us all!!!

It seems like a workable "device", and will do two monitors but it only a switch from what I have read...but strips this "Pain is the @rse" HDCP none the less!

...price is around 250 bucks...which is cheaper than the Moome but more expensive than the Fury II !! (I guess now there is a third "midrange" option for those looking to have this capability!)

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Any later news on hdmi strippers? I've been using the Moome mux and have no issues with it, but was wondering if there are any hdmi 1.3 solutions out there that will pass digital (NOT analogue) out.

HDCP is a pain. I am driving two displays (a sony g-90 via a moome card and a plasma screen). I also use an hdmi switch into my receiver (becuase it only has 4 hdmi inputs). Because of the mutiple "hops" (switch, receiver, splitter), HDCP handshake fails. And so I have to use the moome to strip out this useless overhead just to legitimately use my equipment.
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Originally Posted by work permit View Post

HDCP is a pain.

Amen to that. My system is basically non-functional due to HDCP issues. With the intended signal chain:

source >> 4x2 HDMI switch >> receiver >> HDMI over CAT5 >> projector

it simply refuses to work. If I bypass any one thing between source and projector, it works (and thus, each manufacturer disclaims culpability.) If I could just insert a simple HDCP stripper device right after the receiver, my life would be great.
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