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Hi everyone,

Hopefully I didn't miss an obvious thread explaining these things. I did a search.

I'm scared that my 625 hard drive is starting to go bad, and I'm trying to figure out how best to back up the 40+ hours already stored. Of course, now that the fall season is starting I record a ton of new stuff each week, too.

As I understand it I have two options - a dvd standalone recorder and an external hard drive. What are the pros and cons of each?

How do I actually hook either one up?

If the best choice is an EHD, how do I access the info to play the recordings on my tv?

If a dvd recorder is best, I need help deciding which one to get. I need it to play back the burned dvds as my old toshiba dvd player cannot recognize burned discs. I also need the dvd recorder to reliably record shows and to do so at a decent quality. I don't have HD yet, but in anticipation of that switch in a few months I'd like a recorder decent enough to last a couple of years.

Also I've heard some dvd recorders have compatibility issues - i.e. some will only recognize a specific brand of recordable dvds. Any input on that would be great.

Should the dvd recorder have a hard drive? I use the dish 625 to actually record everything, so I don't know how useful the hard drive would be.

Any guidance would be fantastic, thanks!