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I have a Directv Tivo and a Directv DVR.

We love the Tivo one and I'm looking to get another one.

I've read this:

DIRECTV has 1 and 2 year contracts with most people, and even though the seller may legally own the equipment, unless it is "de-authorized" from the original owners account, DIRECTV will NOT turn it on. Beware that sellers here may not be the original owner, and not be able to transfer the ID if the account is delinquent.

NOTE: The ORIGINAL owner must de-authorize the receiver FIRST, before it is sold!
This prevents people selling equipment that:
1) is not theirs... and/or 2) owes Directv money for whatever reason.

ASK the seller for the ID, and call DIRECTV first to make sure the receiver ID and serial number are ok to re-authorize... don't worry about the card ID, those are useless.

There is no way around this, they WILL make you buy a new one, (unless you have one tied to your account already and are replacing an older/broken unit. Then you *can* use your existing card).

So my question is this, if I buy a used one, is there anyway around also having to by another access card??? I'm hoping since I will be replacing the DVR that maybe somehow I can use the same access card???