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e6600 running hot.

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(Price Isn't an Issue)
Should I:

Purchase water cooling

Get another e6600

Get better cooling

The Details: FSB 1500 synced (but not LINKED) to the memory at 750. For a 3.380GHz Overclock

CPU vCore:3.8125

Zalman CNPS9500 with Arctic Silver 5

Stepping: B2

I'm running at 58C most of the time. I just ask this question..

Get a better Stepped processor or get water cooling?

EVGA 680i Mobo

Yes, I have to overclock
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I'm not sure what the question is.

Assuming you meant Vcore=1.3825, your chip went from 65w to 112w. Less than that if your chip is better than the minimum thermal spec.

58C isn't too hot. Again assuming "most of the time" means fully loaded by your apps.
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Originally Posted by AnthonyB View Post

CPU vCore:3.8125

I assume that's a typo.
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yes it's 1.325 after vDroop and set at 1.34
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back it up to 3.0 ghz at stock voltage and you'll be a lot better off....

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Originally Posted by AnthonyB View Post

yes it's 1.325 after vDroop and set at 1.34

That's almost stock then. Still, running at 58C full load isn't bad for air cooling. I wouldn't worry about it as long as the system checks out as stable.

Some small things you can do to reduce temps without taking a giant leap into water cooling: get a better heat sink, lap the heat sink and the head spreader on the CPU, and use a better thermal compound.

I don't air cool but the Thermalright Extreme is a popular choice, followed by the Sunbeam Tuniq Tower. Here is a roundup of various coolers.

For thermal compound, Shin-Etsu X23-7783D is excellent and a proper application could probably shave off 1-2 C from your current temps.
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First find TAT to test the cpu under load and monitor the "core" temps

Using that what are your idle and load core temps?

I had an odd problem here recently with a e6300, temps were high no matter what. I tried everything, one of the last things I did with the sock cooler was remove it and apply silver thermal paste. Temps were still high so I had the person who owned the system order the Arctic cooling Freezer 7 Pro. When I removed the stock heatsink I noticed the thermal paste was only on half of the heatsink..... even though I fully removed the motherboard and checked to make sure the heatsink was fully fastened...? After putting the new cooler on temps dropped dramaticly and I was finally bale to overclock the cpu from 1.8 to 2.8, temps peaking at 65c under full load on the cores.

Now supposedly 80c is the shutoff point where the system will kill itself, but with the stock cooler this was reading at 90 some odd degrees celcius?!?! I found that to be extremely worrysome and very odd.. I almost had to think that the reading was incorrect.

Anyway, if you have tested with TAT and that is your full load temp then I think you are good to go and have nothing to worry about... if thats your idle and not load temp then thta is extremely high and you may have the same problem I did with the stock cooler. I can only assume my stock cooler was defective and part of it was just bent enough to not make correct contact.
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I never use stock cooling. Get the Zalman 9500 or higher.
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