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Ok, so, awhile back I was listening to the stock system in my '99 Explorer, and realized it was garbage and needed to take a hike. One of the things that most annoyed me about it was an odd behavior on certain vocal sounds and guitar notes. They would become very loud and shrill, and it was incredibly irritating. I had not idea what was causing it, but since every other gripe of mine was becuase the whole system was factory and probably cost about $30, I figured some upgrades were in order.

A few hundred bucks later I am the happy owner of an Alpine CDA-9883 and a pair of Focal 570CA1's. While my ride sounds about 5,000x better, and has a much better user interface, the weird shrillness is still there to some degree. I decided to take an SPL meter and see what my frequency response was at things like 400hz, 600hz, 800, ect. It turns out it's all over the map. what? Any idea what is causing this and how to stop it? Sound deadening? EQ? What? I need some advice on my next move here. Thanks alot.