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Thanks for the suggestion.
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The coin op models are more expensive but are heavier built and have better resale.
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I would also look at shelti if you want a top quality table. We sell Tornado and Shelti, love them both. Shelti was the main engineer and designer for Tornado tables, he left to create his own company (shelti). I like how they come with 3 goalie foos but have a kit for like 30 bucks that converts everything so its proper for 1 goalie.

Just personal opinion though, since I am someone who sells about 100-150 of them a year (about 50/50 between tornado and shelti). Tornado is still great, I have a 5 year old tornado myself. But if I had the money today I would put it in shelti.
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Originally Posted by ccotenj View Post

1 goalie is "real" foosball...

WAY back in the day (geez, i'm getting old ) when we used to play tournament foosball, it was 1 goalie... 3 goalie tables are a recent phenomenon... i don't ever remember seeing a 3 goalie table back then...

We had two types of foosball tables, glass-top and "regular". The regular table came with sloped corners and one goalie and had plastic coated cork balls that when broke in a bit could be easily gripped for passing and catching before a shot. The glass-top usually had level corners with very hard solid plastic balls that made a heck of a ding with a hard goal.
Of all the different games I played in my wasted youth I have the most nostalgia for foosball on a "regular" table.
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Originally Posted by elmalloc View Post


Here it is:
http://http://www.bonzini.com/ The B90 just about looks identical.
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Thanks. Price?
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PM sent
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The one-goalie table is better IMO. It's more fun.
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All the ones I see in the corner bars and such are 3-goalie tables.
The stores around here only seem to sell the 3-goalie versions also.
I'd love to have on a 1-goalie table, even though the wife disagrees.
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The one goalie "vinyl" top my favorite. (what is the proper name for these anyway??)
I have had my eye on a old commercial one at a local skating rink, I stopped by and left a message for the owner to see if he wanted to sell. I'm supposed to hear by tomorrow. How do you decide what is a good price to offer? It has it's battle scars and one of the heads is missing off of one of the men but is fully functional. Let's hope he is willing and reasonable.
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I am having trouble finding quality single goalie foosball tables locally.

Is there any way to get a quality single goalie table for under $500?
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Originally Posted by thenry1989 View Post

The one-goalie table is better IMO. It's more fun.

Definately. That's what I grew up playing on all the way through college, and that's the way it should stay. Sadly, I haven't played on a single goalie table in probably 15 years
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Dynamo (what I have) and Tornado tables will last a lifetime. All the pro tables have 3 goalies. In college I played with one - but it certainly wasn't a quality table...but you get used to three very quickly.
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The Tornados are the table for tourny play. 3 goalie is the norm these days and in fact you do use the side goalies to cut off angles. The old style slopped corner tables are random and sloppy, not designed for quality "fast" professional play. My group of friends always plays "clean" rules, similar to 8 ball. Essentially no sloppy shots count, and the ball cannot touch any other player on shots. Also cutbacks, intentional or not, are a big no no. It's different, but a lot more fun than "everything counts" rules. Of course at a bar, unless you're sneaky and stick your hats in the goals, everything counts no matter what. This is when that group of sloppy drunk chicks challenges you and a friend, they spin like there is no tomorrow, and somehow win.

Oh I have a Cyclone 2 as well, great table for the money.

Also, red ball> crappy white ball
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FWIW, I believe official Foosball league uses 3 goalie tables only - I think the 1 goalie table is actually an American re-design (not sure why). I play 1 goalie, and I love it
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One more vote for the single goalie.
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OK I will go 3 goalie if I ever have spare cash.
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No made for home use games will hold up to hard use over time.

IMO - Tournement quality slipped a bit when the company was sold some years ago but still the gold standard for Foos.

When you're in the market for pieces for a home game room we suggest that you look for a club or group in your area. For example, in our home area there is a very active group that has an online info sharing space and occasional gatherings where info and games are traded or sold.

One advantage of such a group is games are usually traded or bought/sold at wholesale price points instead of retail.

Also I suggest you invest the time to learn about all the operators in your area. Go to their offices and meet them. Operators are constantly cycling games in and out of commercial route locations and often have pieces for sale.

We bought our Tournament Tornado foos about 12 years ago from an operator who was retiring. The coin-op commercial versions are truly made to take hard use and our game today looks as perfect as it did when we bought it and it was very easy to tinker with the coin mechanism for "free" play.

Always try to buy commercial games - foos, or darts or video or pin - most all consumer grade stuff by comparison is junk.
goodluck and good foos!
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Hey, if you like the old-style one-goalie tables, then you'll probably like the new warrior table that is currently in production. The nice thing is that the ramps are not as steep as the old tables, so it is easier on the goalies to keep the ball in their zone, plus the goal itself is 3/16" narrower which doesn't sound like much but is more in line with the older tables as well.


Reports are that if you play tornado then you should be able to transition your game to the warrior fairly easily, but it also has the superior ball control of the old Tournament-Soccer (TS) tables and very easy to grab loose balls and do pin shots. I live in St Louis area and we are having our State Championships on this table Nov. 14-16th, I can hardly wait to check it out for the first time. Here is a flyer if anybody is interested


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oh snap and I thought I was weird for having a shufflboard table I can see others are fooscrazy too
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Harvard Foosball Table

Harvard foosball table is one of the leading brands in this particular niche, and more and more people decide to go with such a model. Those of you, who want to spend their time with this brilliant game, will be seeking and looking for a table that won´t cause trouble, doesn´t keep breaking, and simple is build for a life time. The company is very passionate about providing the best quality at a reasonable price, plus always shows up with new types on a regular basis. Harvard fully integrated the needs of their customers and buyers, by putting something on the market that is build for consistent and professional play.

If you know more about table soccer, this game needs to be played on stable tables. Unfortunately, many households invest their money in cheap tables which keep breaking down, and simple can´t hold their word. Harvard foosball table even sponsors big televised tournaments and championships. It´s incredible that also many pros practice and perform their skills on Harvard every day, besides, the tables are used in championships as well. Visit here if you want to know where to find best harvard foosball table
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Tornado tables are the worst IMO, the game plays too fast, the surface is harder and so is the football, One goalie without question - Tornado tables are good for bars because the games are shorter because it plays faster, thus earning them more money
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can anyone tell me what type of table I have?

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Originally Posted by realred2 View Post

can anyone tell me what type of table I have?

It's called a million dollar foosball table. $399 retail
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