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Stereo Preamplifier Help

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Hi, I am really happy with my system and love it a lot. But, I am looking at trying something new to squeeze a little more quality out of my system and I need some help. Right now my system is B&W 703 Mains, Rotel RB-1080 amplifier, Rotel RSP-1098 Processor, Arcam CD73 CD Player, Rega P2 TT, Elite DVD Player, and Digital Cable.

I am looking at replacing the RSP-1098 with a two channel stereo preamplifier for music(90% of what I listen to). I would like to keep the RSP-1098 for the processor of digital signals and run it into an input of the stereo preamplifier for movies. I have seen some people have good luck with the Rotel RC-1082 or RC-1090. But, I am curious about other brands of stereo preamplifiers. I have looked a Classe CP-500 and like it a lot, but wanted some other opinions. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am looking for components that will work will with what I already have.

I appreciate the opinions and thoughts...
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That 1098 appears to be a really nice prepro. The rest of your components are also pretty strong. If you haven't experimented with acoustic treatments, I would suggest that. Changing loudspeakers will probably give you a more noticeable difference in sound quality.

- Steve O.
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Steve O,

I like the acoustics of the room, plus it is a College apartment so I'm not going to be living here long. I have done a little work with the acoustics, but all I want to do. If I did the loudspeaker upgrade I would have to jump into the 803S/D range if I was to upgrade speakers. My dad has the 804S and I like my 703 better (Doesn't make sense but there is something in the 804S). If I did that jump then I would feel my electronics are going to be under par. Terrible Cycle I am in here... LOL

Anyway, just out of curiosity what do you recommend for acoustic treatments?

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I would suggest you look strictly for a Pre-Amp that has a HT bypass option. This way, you can isolate your Left and Right channels from the multi function RSP-1098.

The tricky part here, is since you have a turntable you will need to find a pre-amp that has a good Phono input and offers the HT bypass option. I was going to suggest the Adcom GFP-750, or the Primare PRE-30. Both are great pre-amps with home theater bypass options, but I am unsure how they will perform with a turn table. Other options may be Bel Canto or Mark Levinson.

As far as the 804s, I 100% agree with you, they aren’t really repetitive of the 800 series, that really starts at the 803 level.
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There are plenty of room acoustic threads here on avsforum. Basic ones would include first order reflection (diffusion or absorption), corner bass trapping, and your choice of live end/dead end treatments. There is a noticeable difference between having absolutely no acoustic treatments, and doing the basic ones.

- Steve O.
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I think you should get an old Dynaco PAS-3 and recap it, Hell, don't recap it, it'll still sound luscious.
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