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Considering selling my Onkyo DV-SP1000. Need advice

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I'm getting my first 1080p projector soon, and have been seriously considering purchasing a dual format BD\\HD-DVD player.

In order to fund this purchase, I have been thinking about selling my Onkyo DV-SP1000. I don't really use the DVD-A or SACD playback feature often (Never tried it out. I should probably do that), so I was thinking about just using the new BD\\HD-DVD player to play CD's.

Does anyone have an idea of what kind of DAC that I could use in conjunction with the BD\\HD-DVD player (as a transport) to produce sound equal to the DV-SP1000? Or is this just a really bad idea?

My current setup is HTPC\\Onkyo DV-SP1000 -> Harmon Kardon AVR635 -> Cinenova Grande 5 channel amp -> Energy Veritas 2.3i mains, Energy veritas 2.0c? center channel, and a couple meh Infinity IL-10 tower satellite speakers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If this should be in a different thread, just let me know. I wasn't all that sure where I should put this.
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Funny, I thought about selling my DV-SP1000 last year, and ended up regretting the decision. I have a Rotel processor and amp, and thought I'd like a matching DVD player. Picked up a Rotel RDV-1060 and tried it out for about a month or so. Meanwhile, I put the DV-SP1000 up for sale on audiogon.com. Fortunately, the Onkyo didn't sell before I changed my mind...the Rotel just did not live up to the video or sound quality of the Onkyo.

For me, the DVD-Audio and SACD playback is even more important at this point than the video, since I've now got a Sony BDP-S1 for blu-ray movies. So, I cannot imagine living without my DV-SP1000 at this point, since I've built up a nice little collection of high-quality DVD-As and SACDs.
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The SP-1000 is a great audio player. Aldyrin, there has to at least a few DVD-As and SACDs you would like to hear. For pure audio playback, I think it's the strongest part of your system. If you are not critical about audio, then selling it is an option to help fund something else.

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