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Shuffleboard questions

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In my high school days my best friend and I played hours of shuffleboard in his girlfriend's basement, and since I have a 45' long space in my games room I figured I might drop in a table of my own. Unfortunately shuffleboard tables seem to be one of the most expensive games tables you can buy so I thought I'd better check with you guys about a couple of issues, including:

1. Maintenance costs. How durable are these tables? Are there any common disasters that can completely ruin one? Pool tables are usually pretty bulletproof due to their slate tops but I'm not sure how these wood tables hold up.

2. Bumper or regular. Our old table was a bumper table and it was a lot of fun, but I haven't seen another bumper table in ages so maybe we were the only ones who ever played it? The nice thing with bumper is you can always play regular (no bumper) rules as well if someone is ready to catch burnt rocks.

3. Length and difficulty. I have room for a full-size 22' table, but I'd hate to spend all that extra cash if 22' proves to be too difficult for people to play (especially with a few drinks involved). Is 22' much more difficult to play well on than a smaller 12' table? I'm trying to find some examples to try here in Toronto but a lot of the good arcades have vanished over the years.

4. Who plays. Does anyone here enjoy playing shuffleboard regularly, or have a table that gets a lot of use? It's a fairly expensive item (even cheap ones usually involve hundreds in shipping) so I'm trying to get a sense for the general level of interest before I take the plunge.

As usual any advice is appreciated!
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I honesty can't say I've played a shuffleboard table besides in the bars. But, I do find them very fun and easy to play. If I had the chance, I'd trade out my billiards table for a nice one. Everyone knows how to play shuffleboard, but pool tables do scare some away.

As for most expensive to buy, will not by a long shot. Bang for the buck and easy to keep going is a big plus. While they are long, they are thin and don't need all the play area as a pool table for cues.

Even my wife likes shuffleboard tables.

Get one if you have the chance. I've thougt about selling my pool table for one, but there are no shuffleboard tables around here and I can't build one.

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I'm less than 2 miles away from the retailer who sells shuffleboard tables, which is the same place I bought my pool table. Just lucky I guess.

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I was planning to put a shuffleboard in my games room but then decided to put in a multi casino table and a retro arcade unit and the shuffleboard won't fit since the only wall I have for it is where the arcade unit is going

I would say a 14 foot table would be good or 16. 22 seems too long for most users..IMO.
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