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archos wireless connectivity??

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well I feel like an old man but...archos 605 says can access internet when I have a wireless connection, not sure what this actually means...do I need to have a verizon/at&t/sprint/etc account specific for this or what? I believe I am the last person to not own a cell phone and would prefer to keep it that way but want am planning on getting PMP for audio use in car and to remotely connect to my tv/dvr to watch video while traveling (slingbox or similiar setup) and not sure if I can have a cheap wireless account to use archos on or if there is a better way to do this.

if someone can give a basic explanation of how archos connects to internet and remotely to my home pc that would be great. also any advice on easier way to accomplish my setup would be greatly appreciated.


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You would need high speed internet (cable or DSL) and a wireless router in order for the Archos unit to get to the internet. Your manual that you receive with the unit should explain the set up procedure. The Archos unit will also pick up wireless feeds in public areas (Airports, Coffe shops, etc..). Be prepaired that is you contact Archos about this, they do not have the best customer service in the world.

Hope this helps.. Good luck!
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would really need to be able to access internet more than at home/select wifi locations to justify it so guess I need to find wireless provider with connections that would work with archos unit.

i found the Verizon Wireless USB727 Modem that would be able to hook up with the archos via usb connection but verizon says "Supports Windows® 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher" so don't think it would work out
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anyone know if the archos 605 wifi can play .wmv files from internet sites? let's say a .wmv movie trailer, can it play this on its browser?
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I think it depends on the version. Point me to a site and I can try it out for you.
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Won't play. I think that with the podcast plugin you can watch movie trailers from Apple's website.
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