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I am looking to set up a home theater in my apartment. I picked up a projector and am building a screen. I need to stay within a budget and really don't want to go over $200.

So far I have:

Epson Home 20 powerlite projector (or an acer ph-530 projetor - long story)
building a 92" behr silverscreen screen
home theater pc (3.8 p4/1Gb/1terabyte/dvd-dl-rw+-/xlobby&XP/divx/dvi and vga out)
Phillips dvp642
Nintendo Wii (component out)

replacing an old philips magnavox 2 channel system - no sub

I considered getting a phillips home theater in a box with a DVD (I have alot of Divx), but I can't find an HTIB with DVDs that have the inputs I am looking for. I may upgrade to HD DVD in a few years.

With this in mind, I am looking to get a seperate home theater receiver without the DVD.

This looks like a pretty solid system. Offers DTS, and two digital inputs + a whole bunch of inputs. Uses regular wire clamps so I could replace the speakers eventually. Going for 180 online. Also a neat feature that lets you automatically calibrate the surround with a sensor depending where you sit.

The room is 14 x 16 so it is not overly large. I really want more acoustic than base. I know it is hard for under 200.

Sony Component Home Theater System HT-DDW790