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Open box sirius?

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Anyone ever bought a open box Sirius unit?
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Buy one at full price at bestbuy/Circuitcuty. Activate it and then take it back. Call Sirius up and cancel. They will send you a refurbished unit of your choice for free and give you 2 months free service.

Thats what happened to me. I bought one of the portable units and returned it because they suck ass and can't receive any signals. Sirius gave me a free unit, car adapter, and FM modulator as well as 2 months of free service.
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I bought a open box unit plugged it in my car and I got all the stations. 4 plus months later it's still working.
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Originally Posted by Manic1! View Post

Anyone ever bought a open box Sirius unit?

I just did recently, an OB Stilleto 10 from Circuit City.

My Audiovox PNP2 unit froze on me, so I decided to upgrade.

When I got home, and plugged it in, it received all the channels as well.

But I am a 1-year prepaid customer anyway, so I decided to just do THE SWAP anyways, even though the unit was already receiving programming anyhow. Felt like it was bad idea to be receiving it, even though I never set it up nder my account yet

Even though your unit has been getting service for 4 months, that is still considered THEFT OF SERVICE. And if you get caught, be aware that there are consequences.

I don't know if you are a prepaid customer, month to month, or lifetime.

But if you just bought the unit, and never contacted Sirius to set up an account, and the unit has been working for 4 months, you are stealing service, and may eventually get caught.

Especially of the unit was a returned one from another customer, and they complain to their Credit Card company that they are being charged for Sirius even thought they returned the unit.

Hope you paid cash(I can't remember if the CC employee asked me for my name, or phone number before ringing me up), and not by Credit Card, where they will Definitely trace it too you

Theft talk is not condoned here, that is for sure.

Sorry to sounD like I am on a Soapbox here, but just too make you aware of what you are actually doing.
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I talked to another person and his open box unit has been working for over 2 years. From what I understand the store tests the units before they sell open box units and I guess the forget to unactivate them before they sell them.
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