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Well after many hours of difficulty and testing it seems I have found out my problem but I am just curious as to why.

I have my ps3 and xa2 hooked up to the hdmi in's, on my receiver, and then when I built this house 3 years ago I had dvi run through the ceiling, I put on an hdmi adapter on the end, plugged it into video out of the receiver. It works but it seems like it wont synch or something and after awhile I will loose sound and video, if I unplug the dvi cable from video out, sound comes back and continues like it should.

Now its not the cable because I also have monoprice hdmi switch and use this dvi-hdmi cable to my projector and it works fine. So as of right now the video out from my receiver is going from a little hdmi cable into an input of the monoprice switch, and then video out with the (DVI cable with hdmi adapter) from the monoprice switch is going to my projector, everything works fine and synchs properly.

All I can figure out is for video out I need an hdmi cable from the receiver thats the only answer, im just curious why for video out do I need an hdmi cable. Sound is already decoded, but it seems to loose synch and loose video.