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I will also be receiving a set of Helios on the 23rd and will chime in with a review
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Originally Posted by Dapoonman View Post

Wow, sounds like I have a distant twin, as I have done the exact same thing except I will be getting mine on the 23rd. I also talked to Will (very helpful) and ordered the Helios, but I also had him throw in a set of the Europas to make mine a 7.1 setup.

Only thing is (and this is purely my fault) I didn't look closely at the surround speakers size before ordering . I went to Best Buy yesterday for something and I just happened to stop by and listen to the Insignias (same surrounds). They sound good, but damn man...these things are HUGE for surrounds. I have NO idea how I am going to mount these on my walls.

Thats the same setup i got, it sounds awesome, i ended up having to build some really tall stands for the surrounds. And now im working on getting the center channel mounted which is just as big
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Originally Posted by mitch9783 View Post

We must be distant twins as I had the same idea with the Europa's but decided my family room was too small for a 7.1 setup. I was even thinking about using the Europa as the center channel to have the same look across the front speakers but decided it was best to use the matched center speaker. I see where the Helio's and Europa's are now out of stock on the web site.

I asked Will about mounting the Helios surrounds to the wall and he said the speakers can not be directly mounted to the wall without drilling into the speaker cabinet (which is not a good idea). Initially, I will place them on existing bookcases that are opposite each other. Once, I get the speakers and see what I am dealing with, my plan is to go to Lowes or HD and buy shelves and mount them to the side walls 2' - 3' feet above the main listening area.

Good luck with your setup and we'll have to give reviews after we get our systems installed.

Lol...well...I know you aren't supposed to drill into em, andI like the idea of mounting a shelf to place them on, but if I can't, oh well...I'll screw into the back of them and seal them somehow. I just don't know how we can find shelves to fit them...they are really big man.

I will definitely give a review after I break them in for 48 hours'ish.

PS...good luck back at cha

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I just ordered the Calypso's. The price is unbelievable!

I know I will be thoroughly satisfied, cause anything is a step up from the little speakers I have right now.

I want to mate this system with a JBL s120p II sub. Any word about this sub?
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I just pulled the trigger on the Calypsos, seems like a great deal. So, is it a good or bad idea to upgrade the center channel to a Polk CSi3? Can you mix and match like this?

Also, I'm still on the fence between an sr605 and h/k 247, I know this isn't the proper forum/thread for that decision, but since I'm buying the speakers here, just thought I'd throw that in to see if anyone has an opinion. FWIW, mostly PS3 gaming/blu-ray with a little SD tv (no HD currently offered at my apartment complex..)
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I just pulled the trigger on the Calypsos, seems like a great deal. So, is it a good or bad idea to upgrade the center channel to a Polk CSi3?

Wait till you hear them, I have the Calypsos and think the center sounds just fine, oh and by the way these are a killer deal for the price I have had them a few weeks now and they just keep sounding better and better, cant wait my h-100 sub shows up on the 24th WOOT!
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Originally Posted by Renob101 View Post

Wait till you hear them, I have the Calypsos and think the center sounds just fine, oh and by the way these are a killer deal for the price I have had them a few weeks now and they just keep sounded better and better, cant wait my h-100 sub shows up on the 24th WOOT!

Thanks, I'll hold off on the center speaker. I'm assuming you bought 12 gauge wire? I want to do this right.

H-100 eh? I'm thinking about the VX-10, maybe I should do some research..
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I currently have the av123 x-ls, x-cs, and x-mtm. I love them. I have no complaints about them at all other than they are on sale right now and I wish that I could have waited and saved some money.

I would recommend them to anyone who asked me.

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I'll be receiving a pair of JBL Arenas, next week the Voice and Tours and an HSU STF-1. Those are all relatively cheap ways to go, speaker wise, and I'll be sure to report in on how they sound next week. Superman Returns on HD DVD will be up first. I can't wait to hear the audio.
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H-100 eh? I'm thinking about the VX-10, maybe I should do some research..

Well i did lots of research and if you want your system more for music then the VX-10 is better but for HT its my understanding the H-100 is the way to go, got it for $240 shipped.
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I tried the Calypso set several months ago and ended up returning it. I was impressed by the build quality and aesthetics, but the sound left a lot to be desired. I only tried the towers, and did an A/B with the Insignia bookshelf. To my ears, the two did not appear to have any similarity in terms of tonal character. In comparison, the Calypso sounded overly bright and brittle, with a distinct lack of mid-bass and highs that became shrill.

Also, I recall that the frequency response advertised on the web site did not match the label on the back of the speaker (the low end was about 20Hz lower on the advertisement.) I don't remember the numbers, so I'm not sure if this has been corrected.

Personally, I would not trade a single pair of Insignias (which I am now using all around) for the entire Calypso set. The Insignias are by no means perfect, but I find them less fatiguing, even if they aren't as attractive.

Of course, this is all IMHO.
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i got a pair of Mirage Omni 350s the other day(along w/ CC and surrounds).
The 350s are 40" towers and are only 7" wide. Small footprint.
They will go down to 40Hz.
I paid $300 from Crutchfield, shiipping was free and original MSRP was $600.
So far I am really enjoying them.
I am finding the bass to be slightly overripe and am used to a little moe extension and air in the treble. Voice and guitar are produced very well. Good detail.
For $300 they are a great value.
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Harmonfan hmm I felt that way during the first hour but now that I have had them for about a month, I have found they have warmed up nicely and I’m now loving them, now my last set of speakers I had for HT were the Cambridge Sound Works flagship set of speaker I purchased about 9 years ago, I sold them 5 years ago when I moved at the time they cost over 3k, do my Calypso speakers sound as nice NO, but that being said I listened to many many speaker combos in the under $500 range and have yet to hear anything that I thought sounded as nice, I would say they are the best deal I have gotten in years.

On a side note I got my H-100 yesterday and it has taken my system to a new level I'm so pleased with my budget system.
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I was curious about the Radiient Calypso's in the fact that they say what 65w continuous with 120 peak.

I have an Onkyo 939 5.1 which pushes 100w to each speaker continuous. Now I never crank it up, but I want speakers that won't blow on the parts of movies that really pop... am I at risk with these?

Also thoughts on setting up two sets in parrallel? or tandem? I mean at the price it could be easily done.

Other then that I'm close to jumping on these. I do like the AV123's but like the black finish as everything in my 600 foot condo is black finish.

Thanks for your help and hope I did not hijack the thread!
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You are more likely to blow speakers w/ 2 little power, not w/ a clean 100wpc receiver.
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Originally Posted by b4z View Post


You are more likely to blow speakers w/ 2 little power, not w/ a clean 100wpc receiver.

True dat! I had a Carver 500 Watt per channel amp driving my Cerwin Vega VX350's at nearly continuous 2x of their rated wattage, but it was from the Onkyo to the Carver.

I called the Cerwin Vega Tech Support and they said um, you have what setup... yeah go ahead and crank it... no worries... Now that I'm in a smaller condo I'm looking for some smaller footprint, but big sound speakers. P.S. I hate Bose.... over priced imho
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I received my Radiient Helios on Tuesday (day early) and set up the front & center speakers. The surrounds were too big to fit on existing furniture and the wife said no to the shelf idea. The fit and finish on the Helios speakers is excellent and as described they come with 2 red/black connections (configured in a line of Red, Red, Black, Black) on the front speakers and surrounds for bi-amping the speakers.

On Wednesday, the wife and I went looking for stands for the surrounds to sit on. We went to several stores but found stands at Walmart that were 4-tier and stood 46" tall. They worked very well and the wife was okay with how they looked in the family room.

I calibrated the system on Wednesday and had a problem with the surround speakers. In the speaker setup instruction from Radiient, it indicated that either of the red/black connections for the surround speakers could be used even though the picture shows the speaker wire connected to the bottom red/black connection posts. I selected the top red/black connection but when calibrating the speakers, I could not get much sound from the surrounds. After pumping the volume on the receiver to +10db, I decided to change the connection to what was shown in the picture and this fixed the sound problem. I then when and changed the 2 front speakers to use the same connections. I plan to call Radiient today to ask them why this happened.

I used a Sound & Vision dvd with a sound meter and calibrated each speaker to the same decibel level at the listening position. As expected, the speakers have much richer and clearer sound than what I had with my Onkyo HTIB speakers. I put in Star Wars III DVD with DD 5.1 sound and watched the chapter with the battle over Caloren and the sound was fantastic. I then put in a Blue Ray version of POTC Search for the Black Pearl and used uncompressed 5.1 sound and the speakers came alive. I watched the scene with Will & Jack going to Tortuga and you could hear the waves against the ship out of the surrounds, the ship creaking, the boom moving etc.. All the sound was extremely clear and the bass from the speakers was very deep. I am still using a Sony HTIB sub and will have to change that out next year for Hsu or Bic speaker for a mid-sized room. I think this will improve the listening experience (of course to enjoy it the wife will have to be out as she hates deep bass).

I am very please with the speakers I received from Radiient and will provide an update next month once the speakers have completed their break-in period.
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LOL I just ordered two of the calypso's 5.0 set. I did 2 sets, cuz the price is just too good. I figured worst case I gift a set away. I might try running all 10 off my onkyo to see if that fills the listening area more. I really like the size.. going from Cerwin Vega VX350's which are huge!!!

I would have never thought I would get 2 sets for under 400. wow.. Worst case I turn them into my gaming speakers
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Renob101, how do the Calypso's perform with imaging and detail? Do you feel they are able to present all the information in a track without masking any of it?
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Efjay, I’m not going to try to answer your question like I’m a knowledgeable audiophile when Im not, but I will say the speakers sound nice, when I sit on the couch and close my eyes while music is playing I cant tell where the speakers are, there is lots of sound coming at me, and I don’t mean volume lots of little noises I pick up on that were not there when the sound was just coming from my TV. Sorry I don’t even have a clue what your asking when you say “masking” I wish I could give ya more information.

Like I said in an earlier post my last system that I had the speakers cost more then 3k do these sound as good no, do they sound like the cost more then $200 HELL YES!
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Just got a set of Calypso's yesterday afternoon. One of my old Bostons blew and not having money for another set of those due to four children and the basement remodel, I went this route in hopes of upgrading down the road.

Hopefully this weekend I will get them going and will post my thoughts on the set. The build quality appears to be good and the finish on them is excellent. Now I just have to see how they sound.
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Originally Posted by Conan450 View Post

the center channel is the weakest link of most systems,
many companies use an MTM design for the center, its not like this center is the worst center out there, nor is it the best but it works and most people need an MTM center to go with their setup, they are very common,
Martin Logan, M&K, Definitive Technology, Paradigm, Klipsch, Energy, ADS, Polk, and JBL are just a few of the well regarded names that all have MTM center channel designs

Although describing centers, all of these companies with the exception of maybe Martin Logan and M&K offer sub $400 speakers that should get you off to a good start. Have a listen before you decide anything. Good luck.

P.S. I own, and would vote for Paradigms.
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I bit the bullet and bought these yesterday and glad I did, they are all sold out on relliiant's site.
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I bit the bullet and bought these yesterday and glad I did, they are all sold out on relliiant's site.

You are a lucky man and will be very happy after you break them in!
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Originally Posted by bigdady92 View Post

I bit the bullet and bought these yesterday and glad I did, they are all sold out on relliiant's site.

I also did the same thing, last night I placed an order for Calypso with Radiient at 12:08am EST, and now they show it's out of stock on their website. Hope that my order goes through
I was thinking with lots of yes and no last night , did a hell lot of googling and on this forum for Calypso and finally made my mind, I hope that was worth doing
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Funny I must have been in the same boat with the last poster... I ordered at 5:30 central and picked up 2 sets of the 5.0.

woot! What timing!
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Any thoughts on Phoenix Gold in-ceiling speakers? They seem to win on the cheapest side, but I have no idea on the quality side. Does any have any experience with the AS6C?
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LOL they magically are back in stock...

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Gone again
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Yep.. one second there and then BAM! Gone..
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