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Help with replacing H/K HKTS8 5.1 system (pics)?

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I currently have a 5.1 system using Harman/Kardon HKTS8 satellites and matching sub.

Here's 2 pics of my setup - I'm extremely limited on how this setup is since it's not a dedicated HT room. Eventually I'll have my home theater room but until then this is how the room needs to stay. I know my surrounds are too far back but I have no other option for moving them. My wife keeps commenting on how she'd prefer to have the L/R fronts wall mounted - so I guess that's a possibility. It's certainly nothing special - but I'd like to get the best sound I can for a reasonable price.

I cannot go with big Floor Standing speakers - so I need to continue with the satellite/sub route - preferably being able to wall mount the front L/R speakers rather than have ones on stands like it is now.

What I want to know is if replacing them with another smaller set of satellites will make a big enough difference to warrant the expense and if some of you could give me some reasonably priced recommendations (I've read the alternative to HTIB thread but just get overwhelmed by all the choices). Also I need to keep the center channel speaker somewhat smallish and on it's side (like about 4 inches high) due to the way my stand and components are stacked.

My main gripe with my current set up is the center channel and dialog being so hard to hear in lots of movies. I use the "night mode" on my H/K receiver but it still doesn't seem to help with the tremendous fluctuations of sound from quiet to loud scenes. I've used the H/K EZ-Setup deal - but beyond that I'm pretty much clueless on audio setup.

Oh - and I'd prefer to keep everything less than $1k (preferably a LOT less ) - I can continue to use my H/K sub if needed - I'm not a huge bass fan - I like some rumble - but I can't shake the house down since my wife and son go to bed early.

Thanks for reading.
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I forgot to mention my components:

H/K AVR235
Pioneer Elite 940hd plasma
Toshiba A35 hd-dvd
Xbox 360
Pace Tahoe 778x cable box
APC H15 surge protector
BDI Vista stand (which is what limits me on center speaker size).
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BillKen, you're right, there are a lot of limitations with that setup but you should optimize what you've got. Get the AVIA Guide to Home Theater and a Radio Shack SPL meter and take an hour or two to go through the setups. It's a good investment regardless of your room or system.

If you still don't like it then you can go audition better speakers but you're really limited because you can't get adequate separation between the front L and R, and the surrounds are not in a good location.

Search the forums here for more on the AVIA guide. By the way, keep the HK235, it's a fine receiver with plenty of power for your room.
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Thanks for the reply delta1 - I've been thinking about doing the SPL thing but kept wondering if my H/K EZ-setup deal was adequate. I know my setup is extremely limiting - but I'll have to work with it until we do our formal family room addition in a few years. (I wish I'd have removed that window to the right of my TV years ago so I could just hang the plasma on that wall in the center)

I may just order the Avia disc - even though I've been holding out for the HD version. I do have the HD version or DVE - but haven't tinkered with the audio section yet.

Again - thanks for the reply - I appreciate it.
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I've also got an HK and the ez-setup helps but the Avia goes into much more detail and really helped me tune up my system.

You may be able to rent the current Avia, I did through Netflix. Then I bought a used but pristine copy through ebay for about $20.

Have you considered ceiling mounting the surrounds?

Making a few adjustments to crossover freqs and other fine tuning really improved the sound of my already good system. Good luck!
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