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Wow, this brings back the memories!

Every once in a while I search for Olevia 747i and 265 on ebay and craigslist. Nice sets!
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Originally Posted by EscapeVelocity View Post

Wow, this brings back the memories!
Every once in a while I search for Olevia 747i and 265 on ebay and craigslist. Nice sets!

I have one of each of those sets. They are both still very fine sets. The 747i has one stuck green subpixel now:mad:, but I can't see it from viewing distance:D. They are both still really heavy, but they have only been moved once since I owned them. The last of the 265's that I know of sold at retail by Microcenter for ~$1,300 (what a steal) !
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Originally Posted by EscapeVelocity View Post

Wow, this brings back the memories!
Every once in a while I search for Olevia 747i and 265 on ebay and craigslist. Nice sets!
Yep, there's a 265 on ebay right now for $599 if you happen to be in Ca. It is one heavy TV, I actually took down the wall and put a 2x10 behind the drywall to support it, went ahead and put a pvc tube back there as well so i could change/add cables. I had to hire movers to get it up on the wall cause the thing weighs so much and I mounted it over a fireplace. Currently a blank spot:(
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Me 2 same issuse freaking out ..... my mom never buys warrantys
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if u stil have plzzz contact me @ lostnws09@yahoo.com
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i could use the main board and one of the power supplies, if you still have it, please let me know , this is for an olvia 65 inch tv can provide pictures and numbers jolivar16@gmail.com
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Replaced inverter #4, mines back up and running!
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Anyone had to make a warranty call recently? I believe I purchased my TV back in 09 and got the 3 year warranty + 1 with my plus membership (Currently looking for my receipt). Occasionally the picture will freeze or completely go black. Very bad red ghosting on a lot of TV shows (always kind of been there but its getting worse). The TV is up on our wall where it has lived for the last 4 years. I am just curious how many times I will have to try to get help to get it off the wall for one of their techs to look at / fix. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance! Glad to see this forum still has a little life. Been following it from page 1.
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I would just go ahead take it down and have it on something if its not that big of a deal and you're going to replace it anyway.

If you're plan is to keep it and wait til its all the way dead, just leave it up. When the repair man comes out and looks at it, he's gonna make a call. Or say I'll get back to you. When he gets off that call or gets back to you, he's gonna say there's no parts for that TV. and you're extended warranty company will be issuing a check for your full amount and the TV is yours to dispose of. cool.gif

Also, double check with repair company they initially set you up with. If they have sent you some one from over 100 miles away when there's 2 places in town that are certified. Demand to use the company close.
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End of an era, just saw my Olevia leaving on the back of my carpenter's truck. Traded it for labor on a few projects. A new Vizio E70 will be here Monday. These things were so much trouble I lived in terror for four and a half years waiting for it to break and it never did. Never a minute's trouble, the picture was as good today as the day I got it on Woot. 8/28/08-01/22/13
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I have not yet called them just trying to get a little information before I do. There are no parts available to fix these sets? If I knew for sure I would go ahead and replace it and I can find a place to store it for now until they get around to looking at it. If there is a chance they can fix it I dont have a place to put it but also still use it while I wait. Also do you know if they will wait around for the issue to occure? Some time it doesnt happen all day others multiple times a day (the loss of signal). Thanks for the info!
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Has anyone sold one of these recently on CL? If so, what kind of prices are they bringing? $600?
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Does anyone know the proper codes to get a Comcast remote to work with the 65" Olevia?
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Time to upgrade. I'm selling mine. What would be a fair price to ask for the set. Works fine......
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I have found a solution to the scrambled / freezing picture for the 65" Olevia LCD T11.   At the recommendation of 3D electronics in plano TX, I installed a 200mm fan on the back cover with the air blowing directly on the CPU of the main / video card.   I had to cut a whole in the back cover to mount the fan and actually left the bottom panel off to let more air flow.  There are some spare 12v terminals on the second power board on board furthest from the main board.   I cut the whole out with a jigsaw and had to extend the power wire due to the length required.

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well, that's about it for mine......looks like more inverter boards.. frown.gif time to move up to a wifi tv and retire this old girl..

anyone need parts? just email me directly at m80@nc.rr.com

i'm in raleigh if anyone is close by....
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My Olevia 265T FHD just died 2 days ago again for the 2nd time in 5 years. I purchased it from Sam's Club on 3/30/08 with 3year extended warrenty. On 5/11 the screen went dark. 2 months out of warrenty. That's when i found out that Olevia went out of business. Had local repair shop come out and look at it and said the main board was the problem. I had the board replaced and the TV was up and running again. 2 days ago ( 2 years after the board was replaced) the same thing happend. The screen went dark. Since Olevia is out of business it's going to the dump..Paid $3000.00 for a tv that only lasted a total of 5 years. It's a shame, the TV still looks brand new. Anybody need a parts TV for cheep??? That is the last time I'm spending that kind of money on a relativly unknown brand. I'm replacing it with the Sharp 70" Lc-70le857U.
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Well I decided to have a TV repair tech come to my house to check out the problem with my TV. It turns out that one of my converter boards is bad. He tested all the other boards and said they are working fine. The problem is with the converter boards that powers the screen lamp. So I decided not to fix it. I am going to part it out. Anyone interested in buying parts please email me at: Lt_z71@yahoo.com. The main board is only 2 years old and is working perfectly I had it replaced back in 2011. The only bad part on the TV is one of the converter boards. If you would like anything else please email me. It is a 265FHD T-11 65". I tried to list it in the classified section but I was unable to...Thanks
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I recently got my hands on a Olevia 265. The TV was working perfectly but it seems something happened during the transport maybe?.


Problem is: TV turns on but it just doesn't get any signal. I connected HDMI and the RCA cables but it just says no signal. I noticed that the TV freezes when Im changing the input and I change it to one where there is something connected. It doesn't work until I disconnect it and I turnoff then on the TV.


Any ideas of what if could be?




Edit: I forgot to mention that I already went through the menu to reset it to factory settings. It resets and restarts but then it seems to freeze. After a while it asks to select a language. 


Also, there seem to be red LEDs on the back. They are only on the left of the TV (if seen from the back... they are where all the video connections are) Those are the only green and red that are lit up.

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Hi, I've been searching the internet for firmware for a 265t12 that was just handed down to me.  Literally have searched for days.  Would you be as so kind to forward me the link you have for the firmware?  I would really appreciate it.

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