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Stream Music From Pc To Receiver

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I see logitech has some devices for this and was wondering if anyone had input on the matter. Thanks in advance.
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Squeezebox.....just bought one and absolutely love it. One of those purchases that far exceeded my expectations...
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Why is that superior to say this?


Which I can have for under $100 on many online stores.
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Hmmmm... Have not seen that before. Not saying it is superior but i would try and get some more info on it. The SB does require a wireless network ( with the wireless model ) has burr brown dacs on it's analog outs/ optical and coax outputs as well. Plays all formats.... flac's, stored on the PC, sounds absolutely amazing, IMO. I do like the remote on the DJ system, looks pretty cool. The SB is triple the price though, I am thinking that if you are looking for something to easily access music for parties and general listening it would be a no brainer. If you are looking for something for more serious listening...the SB, or the more expensive Transporter might fit the bill. Plenty of reviews for the latter, I did not see a download for a manual, might want to search it and check that out. Pretty good price though!
here is a review cnet. http://reviews.cnet.com/digital-medi...-32004279.html
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Yeah, I'm new to this but have tons of downloaded music on my pc and recently put together, in my eyes, a really nice home system. My concern is if some wireless transmitters produce better sound than others, and if so, by how much.
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I hear ya. I had my ipod setup in my system via a apple dock and used the lineout to my preamp. Sounded pretty good, no complaints. I took the plunge with the squeezebox around a month ago.....the difference was eye opening. So impressed that streamed music could sound this good. I had lots of music stored variable bit rate mp3's, and they sounded great....then i ripped some cd's to flac....crap..now I have to slowly, but surely, do that. Amazing sound really. I have had no problems with the SB, no dropped signals. Seems the DJ thing has some issues with this, of the little bit I have read so far anyways. Whatever you choose, having all that music at your fingertips is awesome....have fun.......b
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I like the looks of that Logitech Wireless DJ system. The $64 question in my mind is does it need any helper or "server" application running on a host PC to function, or can it play from a NAS or similar "non-PC" repository of music files? I can't tell from the limited info on their website.

I used to use a Rio SonicBlue for relaying stored music from a PC to the media room sound system. It worked well (not wireless, though, just ethernet connection) but requires the installation of a server app on the PC, and that the PC always be on.

Now we've upgraded to an Audiotron, which is more flexible, although still not wireless. Its best feature is that is happily streams from a dumb 1TB NAS sitting in the media closet, so we don't need any PC anywhere in the house booted to play music. It biggest drawback is that the remote is simple (no display) so to get song/artist info, you have to read off the panel display. And you have to build playlists elsewhere, like with Winamp or Audiostation on a PC. You can use a laptop or pocket PC to give full function remote control including building a playlist on the fly.

I would be a little concerned about interference to or from cordless phones or home WiFi access points because the Logitech operates in the 2.4GHz band too. I'll presume by careful choice of channels on the phone and WiFi AP that all 3 could coexist.

The price is VERY attractive; I'll look forward to some user reports here.

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I did read, like the squeezebox, you need to have your PC on and run a server application. I too would be a bit concerned about interference as some users have mentioned this problem.... I like the look of it too!
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I use the following Linksys product with Rudeo's remote software for pda over wifi to control WMP on my computer where all the songs are.


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I have installed the Logitech Music for PC device and am pleased with the results. This unit can be had for under $70 at many discount online retailers. My office, which is adjacent to my living room, is having no difficulty broadcasting my library of songs to my stereo receiver via bluetooth. Setup took all of 5 min. Plug the bluetooth USB into the computer and the stereo rca's into the receiver. No software to worry about. I can't speak for its range since the two are so close but there seems to be no degredation in SQ from the PC.
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there is also Sonos, very cool remote and you don't need a PC running 24/7... but it is much more expensive...
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