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I figured this might be a good place to ask on the forums since it gets many views from people that have a bunch of gaming stuff. I have a Hanns-G 22" Widescreen monitor that I use for everything because I don't ever use my projector anymore. I want to be able to hook the following up:
DVI/HDMI - PC, 360 Elite
Component - PS3, MyHD, Xbox, Gamecube into an AA1154

The problem is that the monitor only accepts component over the DVI input. I'd like to be able to hook up everything without having to switch cables back and forth. I'm guessing that taking the component to DVI cable and adding a DVI to HDMI into an HDMI switch isn't going to work because HDMI is purely digital. Would a component to VGA transcoder be the best bet? Also, are there any decent HDMI autoswitches out there? I'd rather not have to push buttons as I've been spoiled by my AA1154.