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Coax over Cat5 for Satellite TV

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I recently had a new home built, and should have had 2 coax cables run to a few spots in the house were I run 2-tuner recievers. but I only have 1 coax feed and 2 cat5e cables. One of the cat5e were intended for a phone line connection to the reciever and one was for a Wireless Router to provide wireless to the top floor of the home. I don't connect the phone line usually and the wireless could go in many other locations so I am free to use these cat5e feeds for satellitle if possible.

I have main satellite feeds from the dishes to the switch box (SW-44) in the basement. From there I would have to run the satellite signal through a cat5e cable approximately 30' to 40' were it would plug into the satellite reciever. From the reciever location to the TV I am ok with 2 sets of in-wall L/R Audio and component/RCA runs.

I see some 900mhz 'broadband baulans", but is this acceptable for satellite TV feeds (prior to to signal decryption at the reciever)?
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Could you instead change your satellite setup such that you use separators at each receiver location to separate your single coax into the 2 lines needed to input to each 2-tuner receiver?

Using diplexors and a separator, I am able to carry the 2 sat signals plus OTA HD over a single coax to my 2-tuner (actually 3 with OTA) Dish HD DVR.
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Thanks slowmo, I'm really anxious to get this figured out!

Can I use a sperator at the reciever locations to break the feed into 2 feeds?

If so, can both be watched at the same time (ie. record one show on a PVR and watch something else on the secondary reciever? Or is the feed line between the seperator and SW44 limited to one polarity?
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Yes and yes. I have two 2-tuner Dish DVR's (an HD DVR with added OTA input and a SD DVR). One separator is used at each DVR location to separate the two sat signals that had been distributed to that room over one coax (coming from the dish's LNBFs). The separated sat signals are connected to the DVR's dual sat rf inputs and I have full 2-tuner functionality.

I also use diplexors to combine and then separate OTA for distribution to the receiver. Thus, my HD DVR can record 3 programs at once - 2 satellite channels and 1 OTA channel.

I'm using a Dish Pro Plus separator. Info on this separator and the Dish Pro Plus technology can be found at:


You may want to go to dbstalk.com and search there for your particular service (D* vs. E*) and equipment (dish/LNBF type and set-top box). You might be limited to your particular setup based on the type of dish, LNBF and / or receiver that you use. Again, my system is using the Dish Pro Plus technology which facilitates single coax use.

I've now exhausted my knowledge of satellites but dbstalk and its referenced links can be extremely helpful. Good luck!
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It works with Dish receivers, but not DirecTV. DirecTV needs two coax feeds to each dual tuner receiver. They have talked about a remedy, but it doesn't exist yet. There are signal stackers that can make this work with DirecTV, but they are expensive.
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I don't believe you will find a solution for doing what you want to do over Cat 5e. Coax has a much larger bandwidth - especially for satellite.

Is there any way you can get an extra coax up to that location?

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fletch999: I am running bell (same as dish), but I am running legacy lnb's and recievers. I am dropped a post at digitalhome.ca that has alot of Bell members.

fedders: No, the mech room and the destination room are 2 floors apart, fully finished (drywalled ceilings, existing wiring is stapled throughout etc.)

We'll see what they say. I was going to get a SW44a to put signal to another 4 locations in the house, but I may be able to get 2 DP Pro 44 switches instead and use the seperators.

Still not sure if the seperators can feed two seperate recievers or if they only work on 2-tuner recievers.
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