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Oceans Thirteen - German Edition - Any reviews ?

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Oceans 13 was supposed to be released today in Germany. Any reviews ?
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I read a review of the rental version. The guy wrote that basically the PQ isn't that good (the DVD PQ must be really horrible according to some reviews).

I don't know if this is due to the stylistic devices used by the director (think 300) or if someone at Warner f***** it up.
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Just watched Ocean's 13. The PQ isn't great. The picture often seems to be a bit too soft. There's also lots of noise and grain. Colors are good but sometimes over the top and often unnatural.
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A review of the HD DVD was posted over at areadvd.de
Here is the link:

If you want a translated version of the picture and sound part, there you go:

Picture 75%

Steven Soderbergh does with "Ocean's 13" once again a deep clutch in the visual trick box and presents a film which was made unfamiliar very optically. This strikes at first sight, above all, by the warm and loud colours which are so strongly overwound predominantly that one is not sure whether the film should really play on the earth and not on Mars. In many scenes clear colour rushing becomes also apparent. The contrast allows to illuminate the pictures in field recordings. However, shades or indoor photographs seem too dark also often. Unfortunately, the whole alienations also have the side effect that the picture sharpness only seldom really persuasive HDTV level achievedly the pictures separate even in close-ups always a little bit softly remain and also the grieselige colour rushing to the picture detail takes. For the compression this picture is an extreme challenge, in the end, it is worth, the whole impurities of the film still in addition to do not make unfamiliar. However, even with the coloured Film-Intro with the coloured stripes which lie down before the alerter's logo and look already almost in such a way, as if they came from a test picture generator, the VC-1 compression does not go to the knees separate produced as opposed to DVD an absolutely genuine picture.

Tone 65%

Sound-technically "Ocean's 13" of the line smashed by the predecessors remains loyal and offers surely frontlastige Abmischung which incorporates only seldom the Surround canals and also is dialog-stressed all together very much. The dominating sound element is of the Music built up from different jazz melodies a score. His sounds are partial very much loudly, however let miss also some dynamism in the bass area and transparence by the heights what still does not diminish the artificial-cool atmosphere of the film.

Don't worry I didn't translate this, it is just an auto-translation from abacho.de
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Warner basically screws up every new movie. Ocean's 13 is just the latest catastrophy. Since the release of Superman Returns their dvds suffer from bad compression. Ocean's is a new definition for bad quality for standard dvds. Unbelievable that this disc was released by a major studio like Warner.

If you like dvds which look like 700 MB DivX files you should chose the dvd. If you want dvd quality buy the HD version.
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Some of you are exaggerating. According to the review (not the poor online-translation) the picture has to struggle with some problems, but you're all comparing the HD version with the DVD version, which is inappropriate.
The picture is distorted which makes it difficult.

When I get my copy this week or at the beginning of next week I will give a subjective comment on the picture quality. I'm pretty sure it ain't King Kong or Hot Fuzz, but I don't expect it to be The Game.
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