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I hate my new Draper!  

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I replaced my old Draper material with a new perforated version, and it is awful (but for 200 bucks I was willing to give it a try) - the perfs are clearly visible on my 100" screen (BG808 projector), but the sound is okay. I don't consider audio quality critical on movies, but I do on music, and have discovered that having the center channel above or below the sides messes up the sound imaging and causes other strange consequences.

So I still would like a transparent screen, but one where you can't see the damn holes! Unlike most CRT owners I am not so sensitive to gain, as I have never had a screen with more than a 1.0 gain. Ideally I would keep the same electric roller that I have already mounted, and would just be taping the screen material to it.

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How far away is your seating distance from this perf screen? If your sitting too close, then I don't know of any perf screen that you will be happy with.

You probably don't want to hear this, but the only perf screen I have ever found exceptable at 12-13 feet or further back was Stewart's Micro-Perf screen material. Though it looks best at more like 14-16 feet, you would be hard pressed to see the perf holes at 12-13 feet as well. The other perf screens I have seen I noticed the holes MUCH faster and at MUCH greater distances.

Good luck on your quest!
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I sit about 13 feet from the screen, so may have a problem. I wonder if anyone knows the size of the various brands perforations? I can't find such information on the Draper or Stewart websites, or on other folks pages of screen information.

For example, the Draper A1200 is apparently much finer than the normal perf, but there is no info on physical dimensions of either on Draper's web site.
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I believe that there are some screens that use acoustically transparent fabric as opposed to perforated vinyl. Vutec comes to mind. I do not know how the fabric screens would compare to the perforated vinyl screens.
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I too was intrigued by these acoustically transparent fabric screens over a perforated one. I saw one of these recently and thought it was someone's idea of a joke. The texture of the weave was readily apparent from virtually any viewing distance.

Again, the Stewart Micro-Perf is really the best solution when it comes to a perforated screen. If you opt not to use a perforated screen, then your options become much more plentiful.
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I am planning on getting a Stewart microperf and given my seating distance of approximately 14.5 and 19.5 feet, the perforations will not be noticeable. I have never seen a Vutec cloth screen and based upon your comments have no reason to.
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so Doug,
In spite of the pundits
try spkr under(or over)angled or both together and compare.
Or since only music is critical use phantom center channel.No less a person than Richard Hardesty(WSR)-Dr.Boom says its quite superior to any centre spkr(music)
that outta stir a dustup!
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hmm, you may be on to something here, Ron. From the replies here I have already decided to punt the perforated screen. I will just go back to the old screen and use it only in 16:9 format (even though that means a smaller 4:3 picture when watch ing TV), which enables me to raise the screen enough to expose the center channel (my Barco is on the floor).

I agree that center channel can be unsatisfactory but that usually has to do with its being mismatched with the main speakers, and/or located much differently than the main. My center channel is specifically matched to its mates (all Paradigm, as are the sides), and is at the same distance from the listening area, but putting it below them (my only option at present) distorts music. I can use the software in my Lexicon DC-2 to compensate for many things, but not a height difference. Lexicon seems pretty firm that a center channel is necessary for Dolby Digital, THX, etc., but not at all for music. I will fool with a phantom center for film and see what I get. In the extreme it is not too hard to turn off the center for music and on for film, but I hate adding any button pushes to my viewing or listening.
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