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eD Owner's Thread

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After days of deliberation, I finally settled on a full set of eD home theater speakers for my room. I ordered them yesterday, they shipped the SAME day and will be here tomorrow. How is that for fast? And their shipping is FREE!

I can't believe I got a full set of 6.1 speakers including a BIG subwoofer for $1100.

I got the 6T6 3 Way Towers for the front, the new 6T6 MTM for the center, and three 5TC's for surrounds. I got the BIG A3-300, 12", 300W, 86lb sub.

I was trying to decide between these and the Infinity Betas. Amazon has some great prices for the Betas, but the shipping price kills it. I got the eDs with subwoofer for the same price as the Betas without. The only big difference I can see is the Betas center channel is 3 way and the eD is 2 way.

So, just starting a thread so others with eD can post their comments and such. I know they aren't very common speakers, but they are relatively new as well. But maybe their popularity will take off when more people start reviewing their own set. I will reply when mine come in tomorrow with my initial review.

By the way, I am replacing a set of Carver Cinema 5.2 that I have had for about 9 years which I have loved.
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Glad to see that you started this thread.

I received my 6T6's and 5TC's last week for a 5.0 setup (still waiting for the 6T6 center, and I have an existing Mirage sub). All arrived in great shape. They package the towers very well. I hooked everything up only to find that the midrange in one of the 5TC did not work. I had already had a bit of buyer's remorse that I had not ordered the 5T5's as surrounds (didn't even think of it at the time I ordered) so I called eD, and Alex was very cool about returning the 5TC's for the 5T5's. I think, for the small upcharge, the 5T5's are the way to go for surrounds if your space can accommodate them.

I like what I'm hearing so far from the 6T6's. I haven't spent a lot of time with them, but I plan to this weekend. I'm upgrading from an old set of 4 Infinity RS bookshelves and an Infinity CC2. I can already hear much more detail and fullness in the front channels.

I'll post more when I receive the 5T5's and have a chance to run the auto-eq on my Onkyo 605.
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Glad to get another eD's owner in here.
I also, was on the fence about the 5TC vs the 5T5 for surround. I figured I could always upgrade later and move the 5TCs to another room. Or I may get 5T5s for side surrounds and put the 5TCs to the rear. I just wasn't sure how big the 5T5s would really be.
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Looking foreward to reading this thread, I would love to hear some info on the towers.
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Towers and bookshelfs came in yesterday. FAST shipping, good packing. The speakers are set into the boxes on two wood planks with strong but soft rope attached to them. So you grab the rope and pull the speakers straight out.

They are about the same size and weight of the speakers I am replacing. I played with them a bit last night and they sound good. I'm not used to not having a sub, so the 6.5" woofers couldn't produce the lows my dual 10" subs had. But that will be resolved once my A3-300 comes in.

They feel nice and heavy and sound good. Once thing to note, the bookshelfs do not have mounting holes in the back. So I will have to buy some clamp style wall mounts or drill holes.

I am thinking of putting the bookshelfs in the back and adding 5T5s as the side surrounds. But the bookshelfs do seem like a great size for surrounds in general.
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I did 7.1. 6T6's up front, 5T5's middle and rear surround(mounted horizontally), 5Tc's as side surrounds, and A3-300 and have been very satisfied. I do wish they had the 6T6 MTM center when I ordered, oh well.

I ended up using the Monoprice speaker mounts and just drilling into the back of the cabinet. If you pop off the terminal plate, or the speaker itself, you can locate the crossover as to not hit it.
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Oh, I forgot I wanted to mention any negatives I had too.

The spikes: While they are heavy duty, fairly large, and have a wood floor friendly "ball-tip", they are a REAL PAIN to install. It's like a puzzle. Not all spikes fit in all threaded holes. I ended up rearranging the spikes 3 or 4 times until I found a spot for them all. You'd start to thread one and about two turns in it would jam up. So you'd back it out and put it in another hole and it would tread just fine. Very bizzare.
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I received my 5T5's today. I was really bummed out to see the box setting on my porch with the corner crushed in. Fortunately, the speaker was not cosmetically damaged.

I will hook them up tonight and have some good listening time tomorrow. I'm really anxious to get the 6T6 center, but it shouldn't be long.
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I guess I should post here. I have eD 6T6 towers and 5T5 surrounds already and a 6T6 center and A5-350 sub on order. The sub should be here next week and the center not long thereafter. I'll post again once I have everything.

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My 5T5s came in on Friday and they are bigger than I thought they would be. I will use them as surrounds, but I've determined my room just won't work for 7.1. So instead of using the 5TCs that I have as rear surrounds, I am going to use them as front presence speakers that my Yamaha receiver supports.

I've read good things about the use of presence speakers, some people even preferring them to 7.1 surround, so I am excited to try it out.
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Has anyone listened to teh Ascend Acoustics 340SE's? Wondering how those compare to the eD's 6T6 MTM's. Driver sizes are about the same, wondering how different are the two besides the big difference in pricing.
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My eD A3-300 came in on Friday. It is massive, but I love it. I know a lot of people complain about the finish, it is quite industrial. But I like it, it's different. And very rugged. It's nice knowing if I catch my 3 year old climbing on it, I know he can't damage it. The bass from it is wonderful.

So far I am loving the speakers. I am waiting for my speaker stands to come in, so I cam put my side surrounds up. I went ahead and mounted the 5TCs to the rear wall for surround backs, and another set of 5TCs to the front wall for presence.
I am using "modular seating" that I can pull into position for movies, and put back when it's more of a family room type viewing. So I am set up for 9.1 now.

I am just waiting for my 6T6 MTM to come in and I will finally be done.
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Well I have been comparing the Boston Acoustics Horizon Series speakers the an eD setup for a week or so now. I think I am going with the eD speakers though. I decided on the 6T6 MTM's for my fronts and center then a couple 5T5's in the back for a 5.1 system. Sub I am thinking about is the a3-300.

What do yal think about this choice? I am comparing the specs between the Boston speakers and the eD 6T6's and they seem to be pretty close in specs. I am also assuming that they are probably higher quality.....Anyone have an opinion on those two setups?

It looks like everyone went with the tower speakers all around has anyone tried the bookshelves for fronts? Think I will be pleased with them up there as well?
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eD's speakers do appear to be top notch quality. I can't say I've ever compared them to any BAs.

The towers do seem to be the most popular for the fronts. They are great speakers and I am a big fan of towers in the front. But I don't see any reason why the 6T6 MTMs up front wouldn't sound great. Just remember, they are pretty big themselves. I am waiting for mine to come in, but I do have the baby brother 5T5 MTMs in the back on stands, and they are big speakers themselves.
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Ya I think the eD speakers are going to work out well. Maybe in a couple months ill get the tower speakers up front and either make a 7.1 or use my 5T5's in another system. I was wanting to put something together for my computer so I dont know. Might give me a reason to buy another reciever.
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I just ordered my speakers a little bit ago. I ended up getting 3 x 6T6 MTM and 2 x 5T5 MTM no towers yet for me. As for my sub I went with the A3-300.

On the sub I ended up getting the O series driver and the hourglass feet for it I know the feet prob make no difference other then looks but is everyone else upgrading to the O driver with there a3-300's? From what I understood it sounded like it was worth the 30 bucks to get it.
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I too have the A3-300. As far as I can tell, the upgraded driver wasn't available when I ordered. I'm not even sure what it adds. What do you know about it?

Sounds like you made a good choice. Plus you bought the 6T6 MTMs while they are still on sale (until Monday).
What kind of stands do you plan to put them on.

I'll post pics of my setup in the next day or so.
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Ah nice on the website it shows on the A3-300 a choice in either hourglass feet or spikes as well as a choice in driver where it shows the K and the O series driver for 30 dollars more. From my talk with Alex he said it just had a better range and extension. As well as dB or something. I cant remember everything I am not to knowledgable on subwoofers and/or speakers at this point.

As for stands I just ordered 2 x of the 24' speaker stand pairs that they sell on the website. I think it worked in the package for a small discount so I am going to put my fronts and rears on those should line up pretty well with my TV.

I also liked how they had mini spikes maybe it will help them not get moved. And or I can stab someone with one if they bust my stuff or something......idk.....

I think I will get my 5T5's next week the 6T6's the week after and the a3-300 a week to a week and a 1/2 after that. So every week I get a surprise :P And the last one will be huge lol 90lbs.......so big.

I am going to go compare the specs on my order form with the specs to the K series driver see if I can figure anything out. I wish they had the specs for the a3-300 with the O driver on there website.
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The hourglass feet are a good idea. My home theater is in my finished basement. The sub is so heavy that the spikes push right through the carpet and pad down to the concrete. I read a thread on eD's forums where someone stated that the metal on concrete would vibrate every time the sub would rumble.

They include 4 metal discs to put under the spikes if you are putting it a hard floor, but I used them on my carpet for the above reason. But the discs are SO SMALL, they are a PAIN to "install". You get two or three installed and when you try to put the last one in, the sub slips off the others you've already installed. Took my like 20 minutes to get them all in. And if I ever have to pull the sub out, I'll have to do it all over!
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lol ya I also heard that the hourglass feet give it more clearance from the ground as well which from what I read in the a2-300 sub forum that it makes it sound better as well. So that would also be nice.

Ya I cant wait for the pieces to start showing up. What stands did you go with for your rears?
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My backs are mounted on the wall with these:

And my side surrounds are on these stands:
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I decided to give these a try as the price range fit good. I was also looking at the ascend 340's with the 200's as surrounds. I decided to jump on the last day to get the a6-6t6 MTM's front and center at the current price before it goes up to regular price. I went with the a3-5tc's for side and back surrounds. I would have went with the a6-5t5 but it is just too big. I also got the a5-350 sub. Can't wait to get it all in, now I just need to get some front and center speaker stands and an onkyo 805!

I am not much of an audio person but I will post my opinions once I get everything up and running, I will post pictures as well (I am good at that).
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Speakers are on their way, sub is starting beginning phase. I cant wait to get everything setup.
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hmm, I was hoping to read alot more reveiws in this thread.

Well, in the near future I plan on ordering the 6T6 towers and the 6T6 center. But for now, I have the 5TC on my computer powered by an Audiosource Amp100. The amp100 should do 55 watts per channel at 6ohms and I can tell you, this is plenty of power for the 5TC's. I have never turned it up past 1/2 way, as living in an apartment that is already too loud. They sound great, very clear and detailed, however as expected the lowend is just not there. Actually I do think the crossover could have cut off a little higher as even what little bass it does play does not sound that good. But that's being picky and would require ALOT from your sub. All in all, for what I use them for, they sound FANTASTIC, my friends are all jealous when they hear them, as they run cheap logitech and such.

I'm sure the 6T6 towers and 6T6 center will make me equally as pleased!
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Well, I got the a6-6t6 MTM's across the front and the a3-5tc's for side and back. I do not have the receiver yet (just ordered the onkyo 805 on sale at accessories for less). I do however have an onkyo tx-sr304 on my computer from a HTIB kit. I just got them hooked up and I am very happy with them. I am listening without the sub for now just to hear the speakers on their own. I am not really an audio person, but I am really happy with these. Definetly larger than what I was expecting, but I really like them.
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My 6T6 MTM is supposed to be here any minute. I can't wait, it's the center channel, and I've gone weeks without one!
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Crash, how do you like the towers? How is the lowend? I plan on going with the 6T6 Towers and 6T6 Center as a 3.0 for a while until I can get a sub amp and build a box.
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I think the towers are great, with good low end. I ran them for a couple weeks before the sub came in. They definitely can't replace a sub, but for general listening, they do they job.
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I wish we had more people's input on these. I'm damn close to ordering a complete 5.1 setup from them......but still a bit hesitant.

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I was in Newton about a week ago and stopped into eD. Alex spent a lot of time with me demoing the towers and 6T6 center. I was impressed, more so than I expected to be. The 6T6 towers offer great low and midrange, while the tweets were smooth and detailed. I was equally impressed with the center. I'm currently using a Paradigm CC-370 in my set-up and have never really enjoyed it. The eD center did vocals better and had a more "gutsy" sound to it. The finish on these eD speakers is much nicer in person too. Pics don't do it justice.

Good stuff at a great price, IMO.
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