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Xtasy Everything  

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I ran accross this card at my local CompUSA while looking for a new 3d Video Card. It is made by Visiontek and has an Nvidia 3 64MB AGP VGA Card, together with an interface device and software (including a remote control) that virtually turns your PC into a TIVO unit. The external interface unit has multiple input and output options including S-Video, Composite (Y,Pr,Pb) and RCA.

Based on the claims of the unit on the box it appeared that it would record HD signals (1080i 16X9) provided you have a converter box or HD card in your PC.

I specifically sent an email to their tech support, who replied and said they believe the unit would record and playback HD, but they haven't tried it yet. Specifically, I want to hook it up to my Toshiba DST-3000 for recording. I have attached a link to their web site below.

Has anyone had experience with this card yet?? Do you think it will work. I was planning on buying a new GeForce Nvidia 64MB card anyway, and this unit, with the Nvidia chip is cheaper than many of the standalone Cards. CompUSA had the unit for $199, but I found it on the internet for $179.

Will this work?????

Here is the link:

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I found a review of this thing, here. No mention of HDTV at all. Is there something in the specs on Visiontek's page that makes you think that it can capture HD? Their site is down at the moment so I can't check.

One other thing worthy of note is that it's based on the pedestrian GeForce2 MX400. Nothing wrong with this chip, but it's a much, much slower 3D accelerator than the GeForce 3 it sounded like you were considering with fewer rendering features.

-- Mike Scott
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