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Cannot Get ABC with Antenna. Why?

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I have had no luck picking up ABC over the air using my hdtv antenna. First, I had the Terk Indoor antenna, but was only able to pick up a few local channels. it was also clunk so I returned it and got the RCA ANT501 from Best Buy. It pretty much picks up all my local HD channels EXCEPT for ABC. I'm not sure why because antennaweb.org says to point antenna 207 degrees for all the major networks. I then extended my antenna as far as I could onto my balcony and was able to pick up ABC, but don't want to do this. What should I do?. I'm not sure if trying out another Indoor antenna is the best way to go. Please advise

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Apparently ABC is not using as strong a transmitter as the other channels.
Did you give antannaweb your street address or just your Zip code?
Are you sure you are pointed at 207 degrees?
Can you see the location of the transmitters?
Have you tried swinging the antenna a little bit to each side?
What actual channel frequency is your ABC on?
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There may also be a problem with too-much amplification. What happens if you shorten the elements as far as they can telescope down?
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For ABC, the compass orientation says 207 degrees. The frequency assignment is 9. I'm not sure what this number means. All the other major local channels has frequency higher than this. Please let me know what you think
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The ABC HDTV channel in Oklahoma City doesn't come in as consistantly well here as the others from OKC. It broadcasts on channel 7 and directional, weaker to the southwest to protect KSWO-7 in Lawton. Maybe you have a similar situation.
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Hmm, I live in Dallas, roughly 20 miles from all the stations
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Originally Posted by tinman1412 View Post

I have had no luck picking up ABC over the air using my hdtv antenna.Thanks

Why did you start another thread when you already posted the critical info in the 1st thread? I suggest you bump that thread because we should start by looking up the FCC database for the "ABC" station to see what power it is at. You may need to get a better VHF antenna. But first move the HDTVa to a location with less obstruction in the direction of the station.
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ABC in Dallas is on VHF channel 9. All your others are on UHF There's your problem. First off, Terk's usually overpriced for what you get, and amplification built-into a compact antenna usually kills VHF OTA signals.

If your situation doesn't improve by unplugging the amp and, if that doesn't work, raising the dipoles on your current antenna (raise the thicker areas first for a more stable signal), get a better, nonamplified, antenna. Try the Radio Shack 15-1868, for $25 at a RadioShack store, first. There's a knob on the antenna that can help you, plus the dipoles are better than most. Make sure that the antenna's closer to the window, if you can't get ABC in fine from where you want it.

If you can't get all the stations you want, report back here.
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